15 Of The Best Moments From Last Nights “An Audience With… Adele”

Gonna need Emma Thompson to be my hype-woman from now on.

Last night, ITV broadcast the latest episode of its ongoing series An Audience with…, and the subject of the show was the one and only Adele!

As is typical of An Audience with…, the show featured live performances as well as general chit-chat and questions from the star-studded audience.

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And I mean star-studded! Just a few of the luminaries in attendance include Emma Watson, Daniel Kaluuya, Bryan Cranston, Catherine O’Hara, Jodie Comer, Idris Elba, Emma Thompson, Dua Lipa, Dawn French, David Tennant, Samuel L Jackson, and Naomi Campbell.

Anyway, here are the 15 moments from the night that had me crying, laughing, and just staring in wonder:


When Adele began the evening by singing “Hometown Glory” and everyone just went wild.

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This hilarious and unsolicited call-and-response from the crowd.

It might be #AnAudienceWithAdele, but The London Palladium never forgets its pantomime roots 😂

10:39 PM – 21 Nov 2021

Twitter: @sam_cleal


When she admitted that she’d love to collaborate with Daniel Kaluuya.

Adele was asked who she would most like to collaborate with in the audience. Her answer: Daniel Kaluuya: “I’m not an actress, but I think you are the greatest actor. I’m mesmerised by you and your work. I’d love to watch you work. I think I’d learn a lot” #AnAudienceWithAdele

08:01 PM – 21 Nov 2021

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And then afterwards, when Adele had finished crying and needed her makeup redone, so she asked Alan Carr to perform “To Make You Feel My Love”.

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When she paused to take a sip of tea like the true British queen that she is!

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When Adele revealed that a number of key workers and the survivors and firefighters from the Grenfell tragedy were sitting in the middle row.

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When Brystan Cranston was really ~feeling~ it.

Things I did not expect to see in 2021:

Bryan Cranston with his eyes closed losing himself in Adele’s music #AnAudienceWithAdele

08:50 PM – 21 Nov 2021

Twitter: @scottygb


When she discussed her idols, which apparently does not include Beyoncé!

Adele talking about Beyoncé in the “#AnAudienceWithAdele” special.

“You know I love me some Beyoncé”

08:23 PM – 21 Nov 2021

Twitter: @beyoncenumbers


When she yet again brought up what a huge Spice Girls fan she is… In front of Mel B herself!

This was a small moment on the whole, but I live for Adele telling Idris Elba that she drove herself to Glasto and listened to Spice Girls the whole way WHILE MEL B WAS IN THE AUDIENCE!! 😱 #AnAudienceWithAdele

11:21 PM – 21 Nov 2021

Twitter: @sam_cleal


And of course, the star-studded audience that just kept on giving!

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Big up Adele for a great night and for being such a solid gold icon!