21 Pieces Of Boomer Advice That Have Aged So Poorly, Theyre Basically Rancid

Posted on Feb 23, 2022

“Maybe if you hadn’t bought that $6 latte in 2013, you’d be able to afford rent.”

For quite some time now, millennials and Gen Z’ers have been calling out baby boomers for giving advice that’s unhelpful, toxic, or outdated.

Here are just some types of boomer advice people are tired of — and, quite frankly, have started ignoring:


There’s the typical “what you should do in your 20s” advice:

i’ll be damned if i take advice from a baby boomer talking about “here’s what I learned in my 20s”…
bro shut-up, in your 20s gas was $15 dollars and you could buy a house after working part time for 6 months,

02:42 AM – 18 Feb 2022

Twitter: @princetojo


The unhealthy marriage advice:

If you, a millennial, listen to marriage advice from the baby boomer generation without questioning what they’re telling you, I think you’re honestly setting yourself up for unhappiness. Their approach to marriage is very… repressive and despairing.

01:53 PM – 01 Jul 2019

Twitter: @makispoke


The “just buy a house” advice:

Baby boomer financial advice: You need to stop renting and buy a house.

Maine housing market: This 1.5 bedroom 500sq foot house with 1/2 bathroom and no roof in a quaint little neighborhood is on the market for $450k but you’re going to want to come in $60k over asking.

05:41 PM – 25 Apr 2021

Twitter: @NewsProJoe


The college degree advice:

My favorite piece of advice from my ~baby boomer~ mother was “at least you’ll have your degree to fall back on!!!” And here I am with a bachelors degree and no “career” 3.5 years after graduation 🙂

07:21 PM – 07 Oct 2019

Twitter: @ceo620


The stalking-a-company-in-person-until-you-get-a-job advice:

I hate baby boomer career advice. “If you really wanna work for a company you like, you can’t wait for them first! Go wait in their parking lot everyday and eventually they’ll let you in!” No sir, if I do that they’re more likely to eventually call the cops on me.

12:13 AM – 28 May 2019

Twitter: @suhnny_d


The “just march right in there” advice:

*Baby boomer giving job advice

“Just march right in there, hand them your resume and say you’re ready to work tomorrow morning!”

“… but they only take resumes by email.”

11:55 PM – 13 Feb 2018

Twitter: @thefrogprouse


The panicked advice when you’re not in college:

Take a shot every time a baby boomer frantically gives you life advice you didn’t ask for when you tell them you’re not in school

10:44 PM – 04 Sep 2019

Twitter: @Maragleason_


The unrealistic financial advice:

@sambgrover I love baby boomer financial advice – its like rent out one of your holiday homes, do two overseas trips a year instead of three. You don’t need filet, rump is a perfectly acceptable cut of steak

09:19 PM – 30 Jul 2020

Twitter: @FrankMcRae


The life advice from overused quotes:

If old people don’t like the changes happening give them a taste of their own baby boomer advice:

“Life’s not fair.”

“You don’t always get what you want.”

“Nobody said it would be easy.” Etc.

05:19 PM – 16 Jan 2021

Twitter: @Fox92Terrell


The relationship advice that ignores serious red flags:

In fact, I tend to be ESPECIALLY skeptical of older (baby boomer) couples giving relationship advice because divorce was so much less common then, so many things were accepted and “worked through” that, in my opinion, should never have been forgiven (ex: cheating, physical abuse)

01:06 AM – 19 Apr 2018

Twitter: @ericabgale


The advice that simply doesn’t apply to this time period:

Every time I have to talk to Boomers in real life, I tell them that they have nothing of value to offer me except money and resources because their advice was for a world that no longer exists.

11:56 AM – 17 May 2020

Twitter: @girlziplocked


The “buy it in cash” advice:

@ashleeeeean Baby boomer advice: “Just save up and buy it with cash. That’s what I did when I was your age.”

Dad. Cars cost like… $3.50 when you were a kid.

10:30 PM – 09 Mar 2018

Twitter: @a_caples


The “men will be men” advice:

🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮anytime you ask a baby boomer for relationship advice or advice on men period they tell you to just accept it cause “wELl aLL mEn dO tHaT” WELP HE WONT BE A MAN OF MINE, TF. https://t.co/zNERQe4nLf

04:28 PM – 29 Nov 2020

Twitter: @kLee___


The advice that just drags millennial women:

@Ay_Yo_Wood I may sometimes drag younger people out of fun but I will NEVER take any advice, especially romantic advice from some damn baby boomer.

01:13 AM – 21 Oct 2021

Twitter: @NikSugarbaker


The “don’t sweat the small stuff” advice:

@littleredfoxcos The relationship advice from Baby Boomers was “Don’t sweat the small stuff”, and “It’s the big things that matter”.

Well, every Baby Boomer that I know now, is living alone in a multi-bedroom house. Divorced and single. Certainly the worst generation to ask advice from.

08:28 PM – 12 Oct 2020

Twitter: @AaronHorrocks


Like, just cut out everything, and you’ll be OK:

Baby boomer writing financial advice for millenials: if you save money by cutting out every little thing that brings joy to your life, at the end of a year you too could have a savings account with $500 in it

01:55 AM – 11 Jan 2019

Twitter: @discatser

Do you agree? What are some common baby boomer advice you think everyone should ignore? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.