24 British Tweets That Made Us Laugh Out Loud This Week


Your in her DMs i’m in sunny Lanzarote with buyers Carol and Jim who want to ditch the gloom of Southwesten UK for a piece of paradise. Carol is a homemaker and Jim is a retired construction manager, and they’re looking to jump onto the property ladder for less than £250,000

04:05 PM – 27 Sep 2021

Twitter: @Snames420


My girl just got flowers because she’s not feeling well 🥺 When I was sick all I got was “how you feeling soldier” every 4 hours kmt. When I’m not in the army.

12:57 PM – 15 Oct 2021

Twitter: @LipsOnTen


sometimes i worry about kids and their growing brains with tiktok and stuff then remember i spent my developmental years throwing up three litres of strongbow straight into a gutter and the whole thing was soundtracked by tulisa and dappy so

10:23 AM – 11 Oct 2021

Twitter: @catekitchen

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