Adele Responded To A Fan On Instagram Live Who Asked Her For Her “Body Count” And It’s An Incredible Moment In History

In case you’ve been living under a hideous rock, lemme remind you: Adele is coming. Like, coming back to music after five long years of not releasing anything.

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Earlier this month, she seemingly teased the title of her next album, 30, with these signs placed in random locations:

Hello… @Adele is it you?
Here’s the sign on Camden Street that’s gone global!

#Adele30 👀

05:18 PM – 02 Oct 2021

Twitter: @FM104

And just last week, she released a teaser of her single, “Easy On Me.”

Twitter: @Adele

To promo her upcoming single, Adele hopped on Instagram Live and interact with fans. She even played a snippet of “Easy On Me”!!!!

Twitter: @adeledailynet

Then, out of nowhere in the middle of the stream, a fan asked Adele — THE ADELE — what her “body count” was (aka, how many sexual partners she’s had):

“What’s my body count?” Adele says in her signature, legendary British accent.

“What does that mean?” LMAO. HER FACE.


So, yeah, stream “Easy On Me” for clear skin and good luck for 30 years.

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