Here Are Just 23 Times Dylan OBrien Was Funny, Wholesome, And Simply Adorable Behind The Scenes

Dylan O’Brien and Taylor Swift would try to wave at each other through their apartment windows.

You can watch the full video below:

The scene from The Social Network where Eduardo tells Mark Zuckerberg he better lawyer up asshole starring me and @dylanobrien

06:08 PM – 21 May 2020

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When Dylan talked about Taylor Swift offering him the role in the All Too Well (The Short Film) and he was shocked she even knew who he was.

When Dylan showed off his blonde hair while filming Not Okay, and it was very important.


When Dylan revealed what he took from the set of Teen Wolf after it wrapped, which included Stiles’s iconic Jeep.


When Dylan revealed that he and Taylor are neighbors in NYC and he would try to wave at her through the window.


When he opened up about his accident on the set of The Maze Runner: The Death Cure, and said, “I think that a big piece of my recovery, eventually, was accepting that this was a part of me, and it did change me.”

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“I loved what I did. I loved being on set, it was my favorite place in the world. I loved my crew. My crews are my families, my life, my worlds. I put my trust into them and I think that was a piece of what made it so hard, having that so viciously and scarily broken one time.”


When he was simply overwhelmed while playing with puppies.


When director Michael Matthews shared this video of Dylan hanging out with one of the dogs who played Boy in Love and Monsters.


When Dylan said he listened to “Move” by Little Mix to get “pumped up” and the interviewer thought he was joking, but he was 100% serious.


When Dylan was asked if his character in All Too Well (The Short Film) was based on Jake Gyllenhaal, and he gave the best answer.


When he danced alongside his Maze Runner cast members.


When he recreated the Dune posters in the most hilarious and dramatic way.

Couldn’t be more excited to share this film with you all 🙏🏻 Really proud of this one @dunemovie #Dune2021

05:29 PM – 19 Jul 2021

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When Dylan took playing Void Stiles behind the scenes of Teen Wolf, and was jokingly yelling at Tyler Posey.


When he resurrected his old YouTube channel and posted a hilarious day in the life video of an actor “who is currently out of work,” but auditioning for Frozen 2.


When he was really excited over a fan’s question about who he would want to fight beside in The Glade from The Maze Runner.


When he was just as mad as everyone else when Michaela Coel and I May Destroy You were snubbed by the Golden Globes.

Golden Globes are laughable. Not only is I May Destroy You absolutely fucking brilliant, it should be required viewing. Apparently you can be TOO far ahead of humanity @MichaelaCoel we don’t deserve you.

04:25 PM – 03 Feb 2021

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When Dylan and Este Haim arrived at Taylor Swift’s apartment with a roses to celebrate the release of Red (Taylor’s Version) and All Too Well (The Short Film).

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When he was upset that a Brad Pitt and Harry Styles collab was just a rumor, and like, what a mood.

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When he shared this emotional hug with Linden Ashby, who played his dad on Teen Wolf, while attending San Diego Comic-Con in 2017.

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When he lived his dream and got to throw out the first pitch at a New York Mets game. He called it “terrifying.”

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When Dylan lost his balance and fell down a sand dune while filming The Maze Runner, and it made for a great blooper, TBH.

When he really committed to this TikTok trend and danced his heart out.


And finally, when he changed his name on Twitter to “Dylan O’Brien (Taylor’s Version)” because he’s the best.

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