The 75 Best Celebrity Tweets Of All Time Or At Least The Ones I Find Funniest And/Or Really Awkward


Kris Jenner calling out People for underestimating how much her daughter’s house is worth:

Twitter: @KrisJenner


Cher yelling at someone who told her to sit on their face:

Twitter: @cher


Kevin Durant’s questions about the sun:

I’m watching the History channel in the club and I’m wondering how do these people kno what’s goin on on the sun..ain’t nobody ever been

05:33 AM – 31 Jul 2010

Twitter: @KDTrey5


Lady Gaga getting upset about using coupons:

why do people look at me like I’m crazy when i use coupons at grocery or try bargaining at retail, IM FROM NEW YORK WHERE IS THE SALE RACK

02:11 PM – 21 Dec 2012

Twitter: @ladygaga


Paris Hilton tweeting about losing her Blackberry…in 2014:

Hey friends, I lost my blackberry. 😢 So if your trying to reach me, then text me on one of my three iPhones. 💋

12:41 AM – 29 Mar 2014

Twitter: @ParisHilton


Kat McPhee trying to distract the paparazzi:

To the pack of paps stalking me while I’m in the middle of the ocean in Europe – Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are just two yachts over. Please focus on what truly matters.

06:19 PM – 02 Jul 2019

Twitter: @katharinemcphee


Ludacris’s pentration question:

Men if a woman says it’s hard 4 her 2 have an orgasm from penetration, but easier from oral, do u please her or do u please yourself 1st?

09:19 PM – 19 Aug 2009

Twitter: @Ludacris


50 Cent getting mad for having to take out the trash:

I can’t belive my grand mothers making me take Out the garbage I’m rich fuck this I’m going home I don’t need this shit

06:56 PM – 26 Aug 2010

Twitter: @50cent


James Blunt sparing us all during lockdown:

During lockdown, while many other artists are doing mini-concerts from their homes, I thought I’d do you all a favour and not.

09:54 AM – 25 Mar 2020

Twitter: @JamesBlunt


David Schwimmer proving his innocence:

Officers, I swear it wasn’t me.
As you can see, I was in New York.
To the hardworking Blackpool Police, good luck with the investigation.


03:48 PM – 24 Oct 2018

Twitter: @DavidSchwimmer


Ariana Grande thinking she was microchipped:

found a piece of confetti on my foot and my genuine, initial reaction was “oh wow, someone must’ve installed this chip in me while i was asleep last night”. happy new year !

07:27 PM – 01 Jan 2019

Twitter: @ArianaGrande


Cardi B causing drama at her niece’s school:

My niece told everybody in her school that I’m her aunt and they think she lying 😂🙄now i gotta go pick her up 😩😩😩😩

05:31 PM – 25 Oct 2018

Twitter: @iamcardib


Seth Rogen watching Cats:

I’m pretty stoned and watching Cats. I’ve never seen the broadway show. It is truly trippy. Am I supposed to know what a Jellicle is? They’ve said it 200,000 times but I don’t know what’s happening haha.

03:47 AM – 18 Mar 2020

Twitter: @Sethrogen


Bob Saget turning into Danny Tanner:

Oh. My. God. I spend my day cleaning and vacuuming and sanitizing everything in the house. I have become Danny Tanner.

11:11 PM – 19 Mar 2020

Twitter: @bobsaget


Camila Mendes facing the reality of her name:

just a Camila Mendes✨standing in front of the Twitterverse✨asking it to stop thinking she’s a fan account for Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendes

02:02 AM – 01 Mar 2017

Twitter: @camilamendes


Leslie Jones explaining why she exercises:

People keep asking me what’s motivating me to work out. It’s purely selfish. I want to be fine as hell. One more time before I get real old😑

03:12 AM – 15 Mar 2017

Twitter: @Lesdoggg


And last but not least, Reba locking her stylist out of her house so he had to sleep under the pool house:

Terry, my stylists, got locked outside my house last nite. Slept under
the porch of the pool house!

Sent from my iPhone

09:20 PM – 01 May 2009

Twitter: @reba

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