The Whole World Needs To Finally Acknowledge How Bloody Good Aussie Fast Food Is

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You haven’t lived until you’ve had a Bondi Burger and a Schnitz chip.

There are a lot of things that we do well down here in Australia.

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Beaches, weather, free healthcare, gun control…the list goes on.

But there’s one thing we do EXTREMELY well, which seems to have mostly escaped the notice of the rest of the world: Fast food.

Maybe having an incredible and high quality range of fast food options isn’t something that is rated on an official Liveability Index or whatever, but it’s time we all sit down and have a chat about it.

Let’s start with the American chains. McDonald’s is unDENIABLY about a million times better here than it is in the US — or anywhere else in the world.


We’ve got burgers, wings, popcorn chicken, mash, gravy, nuggets, sliders, wraps, slushies and the best chips in Australia.

Up until recently, they didn’t even have CHIPS on the KFC menu in the USA and other places around the world. Please tell me wtf is the point of KFC with no chips?

Plus, the pizza at Domino’s and Pizza Hut always hit the spot.


Sure, they’re not making fine-dining pizza that anyone’s nonna would be proud of, but they’re consistently delicious. And those $5 classics? Perfection. 

Yep, it’s safe to say we blow America out of the water when it comes to their own chains.

It actually hurts like hell that @dominos sell vegan options that look THIS DREAMY in Australia but not in the UK. Whyyyyy?! 😿

12:02 PM – 18 Mar 2018

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But don’t worry, we definitely keep that momentum going when it comes to Aussie-based fast food chains.

Let’s start with Oporto, a Portuguese chicken shop that started in Bondi and has become one of our most beloved chains.


A Bondi Burger with extra chilli and a large chips? Can’t be beat. 

Then we have the Mexican trifecta: Guzman Y Gomez, Zambrero and Mad Mex.


Everyone has their personal favourites, but honestly I reckon we can all agree that Guzzy has the other two beat. 

Next up: Burgers. Of course, Grill’d has become a popular fave, with gourmet options, fancy salads and heaps of veggie options.

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But let’s also take a minute to acknowledge Schnitz, the chicken burger chain with the actual best chips out of every single place on this list. 

Sushi Hub has to be the most reliably decent sushi on the planet, comparative to its price.


A shopping centre that doesn’t have Sushi Hub isn’t worth going to, imo. 

Also, big shout out to Red Rooster who gets a lot of shit but, to be fair, makes a damn good feed.

Then you’ve got your “healthy” classics like Sumo Salad, Soul Origin and Roll’d.


Note that “healthy” is in quote marks there…but at least it makes you feel like you’re making a good choice. 

They’re often forgotten when we think of fast food, but there are some shopping centre staples that could be included in this conversation about stellar food.

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I’m talking Muffin Break, Michele’s Patisserie, Bakers Delight, Boost, Top Juice and Wendy’s. 

So, now that I’ve presented the IRREFUTABLE evidence, let’s all agree: Aussie fast food is simply superior.

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