This TV Reporter Went Viral For Being One Of The Very Few People To Nail The Met Gala Theme

These other celebs need to take a page out of Génesis Suero’s book.

As you know, the Met Gala took place in NYC this week, and let’s just say the outfits were….a bit all over the place.

The theme was “Gilded Glamour,” and Vogue said that it “[asked] its attendees to embody the grandeur — and perhaps the dichotomy — of Gilded Age New York.”

i just feel like the met gala should be conditional upon arrival like an outfit check at the door and if ur not on theme ur getting sent home! sorry the local mall is down the street lets try again

08:24 PM – 02 May 2022

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And while many celebs didn’t exactly follow the theme closely (or chose to ignore it altogether), one fashionable TV reporter outshined them all. Say hello to Génesis Suero.

Génesis wore this stunning gown by designer Lucía Rodríguez as she covered the red carpet for Telemundo’s En Casa Con Telemundo.

Many felt like she really understood the theme, with this person saying, “Genesis Suero understood the dress code this year, she reminds me a lot of Kate from Bridgerton, but the details on the dress, the hairstyle — I won’t give her a 10/10 because she ate up the gala, a 10,000/10.”

Genesis Suero si que ha entendido el Dress Code de este año, me recuerda muchísimo a Kate de los bridgerton, pero los detalles del vestido, el peinado, yo no le doy un 10/10 es que ella ya se ha comido la gala un 10000/10 #MetGala #MetGala2022

10:25 PM – 02 May 2022

Instagram: @genesiscamilas / Via Twitter: @eternal_vante

And given that Génesis is Dominican, many Latinos felt pride in knowing that she represented them well at the gala.

Genesis Suero is the true diamond tonight. I’ve seen viral post after viral post. A win for the dominican girlies.

12:40 AM – 03 May 2022

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Génesis, who aside from being a TV reporter and fashion icon is also Miss New York USA 2018, a third runner-up on Nuestra Belleza Latina, and a realtor. She told BuzzFeed that attending the Met Gala was a dream come true. She said, “As a woman, fashion lover, who has lived in NYC for the past 17 years, the Met Gala Monday has always been a highly anticipated night for me.”

“When my producers at Telemundo told me I was going to attend the gala as the first Afro Latina reporter, I was blown away, full of joy, and ready to get the job done. I wanted to do an impecable job for my producers and portray the spirit of the event by dressing up as best I could for the theme. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get the attention I received. My most proud moment is that besides the recognition for the dress, now people know my work as a reporter.”

Once Génesis familiarized herself with the theme, she made sure to do her research so she could get the look just right. She said, “I did a lot of research, I looked at every photo Bridgerton and The Gilded Age have on their social media accounts. I also reviewed photos of Bella Hadid because she always has great up-dos. My hair stylist Zullay Sevilla and I agreed on my up-do from a photo but also added a modern twist.”

As far as makeup goes, she pulled all the attention to her eyes. “My makeup artist Yuko Takahashi and I agreed that we needed a clean face but with very expressive eyes. Television eats the makeup and we did not want me to look washed off, so instead of having heavy makeup, there was emphasis on my eyes and pink blush on my cheeks.”

And for the iconic dress in question, Génesis said, “Lucía Rodríguez has dressed me plenty of times in the past. I felt she was the right person to recreate a majestic dress of that era and she did and delivered exactly what I wanted in three days.”

Going as viral as she has always comes with some newfound attention, so she’s certainly taking in all the love the best she can. “I am very grateful for all the attention I have received. To make an impact in a positive way not only in the USA, but around the world, is endearing. It makes me happy to know so many enjoyed my look and appreciated my efforts.”

But ultimately, it’s the love from other Latinos that feels especially powerful in this moment. “Feeling the support of my Latinos is amazing. As a Latina, I want to be part of adding to the impact of a growing powerful demographic in the US. Our work doesn’t go unnoticed in this land of opportunities that has opened doors for us.”