15 Moments That Prove That Andrew Garfield Is Basically The Cutest Human To Ever Exist

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, tune churaya mere dill ka chain <3

The third instalment of the wildly popular Spider-Man franchise saw Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon reprise their roles and No Way Home quickly witnessed enormous commercial success, breaking box office records during its very first weekend.

Ever since the movie came out, fans haven’t stopped gushing about Andrew Garfield, whose version of Spider-Man, along with that of Tobey Maguire’s, comes back to help Tom Holland’s.

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Welcome to the multiverse! And come on! If this is STILL a spoiler for you, you’ve certainly been living under a rock.

So of course, I had to contribute to this Andrew Garfield renaissance and list out the reasons why the internet’s latest obsession totally deserves all this love and attention.


When he made us go, “Wait! What did he sayyyyyy?”.


When he confirmed “Tobey’s got back”.


When he was a total mood.


When he described Emma Stone a certain way and raised the bar too high.


When he was an agent of law and order.


When he convinced Ryan Reynolds to kiss him.


When he gave us this ICONIC laughter.


When he was passionate about garlic, the way everyone ought to be.


When he was a total “material gworl”.


When he made Tobey Maguire blush.


When he discovered gay heaven.


When he brought “sexy back” as Justin Timberlake.


And when he was Caravaggio’s “Boy With A Basket of Fruit”.


When he was basically all of us after THAT moment of the 2022 Oscars.

Andrew Garfield texting the other Peter Parkers to see if Will Smith slapped Chris Rock in their universes too

04:01 AM – 28 Mar 2022

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