15 Terrible Landlords Who Will Probably Trigger You If Youve Ever Had A Bad Apartment Experience

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It’s the laziness for me.


This landlord who has some nerve telling his tenants that he’s “taking off work” for Labor Day:

Something especially funny about my landlord letting me know he’s “taking off work” for Labor Day. Have fun not checking your Venmo balance, bitch.

06:25 PM – 04 Sep 2021

Twitter: @ihatejoelkim


This landlord who banned their tenant from cooking food with flavor:

just read a client’s contract for them and the landlord has written a clause that bans “spices and oils” in all cooking. imagine thinking you had the right to ban flavour from someone’s life

10:07 AM – 28 Aug 2019

Twitter: @nicface


This landlord who tried to charge their tenant a grand for moving out 20 minutes late:

My apartment really just tried to charge me $955 for moving out 20 minutes late.. I walked straight to their corporate office, and pulled the “my lawyer will be in touch with y’all soon card” and 3 minutes later the charge was dropped… I ain’t even got a lawyer 🤣🤣🤣

10:57 PM – 31 Jul 2021

Twitter: @AlliDoisQuinnn


This landlord who refused to tell their tenants their name:

renting in this city is unimaginably dark. remember when i had a landlord who wouldn’t tell me his NAME???

12:33 PM – 22 Jan 2020

Twitter: @actualtwoey


And this landlord who used a random person’s home for business:

in Chicago I had a landlord who gave us an address where my roommate and me could meet him to sign the lease. We showed up and he was there sitting on the front porch of this house and when I asked him “is this where you live?” he said “oh, no, I have no idea who lives here”

06:09 PM – 09 Sep 2019

Twitter: @jamisonwebb


This landlord who built a breeding ground for mold, then tried to gaslight their tenant about it:

@Tom_Scribbler I had a landlord who put a shower, a stove and two sinks in a barely ventilated room in a 200 year old building and was shocked when I wouldn’t take the blame for mold. He kicked me out lol

01:27 PM – 22 Jun 2021

Twitter: @Kazel_93


This landlord who gave their tenant a stained mattress, then tried to charge them for it after the lease was up:

I’m in the most electrifying psychological warfare with my ex landlord because they’re trying to charge me £45 for having a stained mattress when they provided me with a stained mattress at the beginning of the year. Here’s some of many emails.

10:43 PM – 23 Jul 2020

Twitter: @Balegde_


This landlord who funneled their tenants’ money directly into their adult son’s bank account:

Can’t stop thinking about my friend who pays rent direct to her landlord’s 28 yo son’s Monzo account…housing is the ultimate scam

10:56 AM – 02 Sep 2021

Twitter: @c8linwilkinson


This landlord who made their tenant suffer through blistering summers because they didn’t like the look of an AC unit:

@DrWomanhattan I had a landlord who wouldn’t let me install a window unit AC for the summers cause she didn’t want to see it in the backyard. She never went into the backyard, ever. It gets over a 100F!!

01:35 AM – 04 Sep 2021

Twitter: @Frrancis


And this landlord who apparently didn’t understand how a 20-year-old washing machine could break:

my landlord once said to me in all seriousness when he was arguing that our broken washing machine that didn’t clean clothes was actually fine that he didn’t understand why the washing machine wasn’t working because “it’s been fine for twenty years”

10:06 AM – 09 May 2021

Twitter: @_soilcreep

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