17 Boomer Trends That Are Toxic And Downright Offensive, And Its Time We Said Something

“*Baby boomer voice*: Kids today are too soft.”

It’s no secret that millennials and Gen Z’ers have A LOT to say when it comes to boomer culture. So, here are just some baby boomer things people are tired of and aren’t afraid to call out:


The idea that kids today are “too soft”:

[Baby boomer voice] Kids today are too soft. In MY day we were emotionally abused by our parents and we repressed our trauma so deeply we incorporated that abuse into a toxic system of values that prize a mythological “toughness” at the expense of actually dealing with our pain

09:50 PM – 24 Jun 2018

Twitter: @ellle_em


The “entitlement” everyone else has:

baby boomers be like “no we didn’t create a toxic culture of reckless individuality that destroyed the environment, you’re just entitled”

09:33 PM – 24 Jul 2015

Twitter: @postcrunk


The “not all boomers” thing:

Can baby boomers on Twitter that don’t fit the ‘Boomer’ stereotype please stop saying ‘not all boomers’? We know! We aren’t talking about you, we’re talking about your family members. lol

05:43 AM – 11 Feb 2021

Twitter: @pinkladyfoxx


And the “OK boomer” complaints:

Dear Baby Boomers,

The whole “ok boomer” thing does not apply to all of you. Just the ones gaslighting all younger generations on obvious disparities in our socioeconomic opportunities.

Please stop taking that phrase as generational condemnation.

04:03 AM – 08 Nov 2019

Twitter: @1nicholedejesus


The command to do expensive things ~while you’re young~:

Baby boomers: TRAVEL! Do it while you’re YOUNG!! See the world! Cannonball into the Grand Canyon! You’re young and wild and free! Sip 2,000 Tuscany wines and launch into space!!

Me: *turns pockets inside out*
*moths fly out and eat my last packet of ramen as I beg them to stop*

07:01 PM – 12 Dec 2018

Twitter: @itslittletunny


The jokes and the economy:

I just woke up from the most aggressive nap and I had a dream that the baby boomers took over and couldn’t stop ruining the economy or making jokes about ripped jeans but it wasn’t a dream at all bc I woke up and it was reality

12:01 AM – 28 Feb 2018

Twitter: @lukasbattle


The idea that burnout isn’t a valid thing:

baby boomers invalidating millennials for easily feeling tired and burned out 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

I think this is a big topic for discussion

03:10 PM – 26 Oct 2021

Twitter: @ianstamaria


The financial (and romantic) advice:

@Ay_Yo_Wood I may sometimes drag younger people out of fun but I will NEVER take any advice, especially romantic advice from some damn baby boomer.

01:13 AM – 21 Oct 2021

Twitter: @NikSugarbaker


The being told how to do everything:

@DivaLaci Grew up being told by boomers how to dress and act. Now I wear what I want & im not going to let these babies tell me what to do.

11:57 AM – 20 Oct 2021

Twitter: @sarnara


The work-from-home complaints:

I’m attending a seminar, in my kitchen, while I have breakfast and recycle.
I can’t believe the boomers want to take this away from us

07:24 AM – 10 Nov 2021

Twitter: @Shezi_one


And finally, the fear of accountability:

Boomers: Gen X can save us! Gen X, please tell the kids to stop cancelling things, they’re ruining YOUR childhoods too!

Gen X:

07:37 PM – 15 Mar 2021

Twitter: @byzplease