17 Fan Reactions To “Death On The Nile” That Prove Its The Murder Mystery That Weve Been Waiting For

Enough mystery to fill the Nile.

A flock of rich (and ultra-rich) folks accompanied by their servants sets out on a swanky and upbeat cruise on the Nile to enjoy the beauties, both natural and historical. But when the tourists start dropping dead, starting with the ultra-rich, it becomes clear that someone onboard isn’t there just for leisure.

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Death on the Nile, Kenneth Branagh’s second movie based on a novel by Agatha Christie, docked into the theatres recently. The movie is a glossy and glistening spectacle that boasts of an ensemble cast, a luxurious moustache, and a story derived from one of the very best in detective fiction.

Before we check out what the internet is saying, let me warn you about spoilers. If you haven’t read the book or watched the 1978 movie, please proceed with caution.


It seems this version has something in surprise for everyone:

I saw #DeathOnTheNile yesterday and loved it. I’ve read the book and seen the star-studded 1978 version, but this one threw in a couple of unexpected twists. Gal Gadot was gorgeous, as always, Emma Mackey was hypnotic, and the music was 🔥🔥🔥. (I adored seeing Dawn French too.)

03:55 PM – 14 Feb 2022

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Apparently, Death on the Nile one-ups Branagh’s last Christie movie:

While Murder On The Orient Express is groundbreaking, #DeathOnTheNile is sensuous and scandalous. Linnet Ridgeway and Simon Doyle are perfectly cast. Both Gal Gadot and Armie Hammer deliver electrifying performances. The dance scenes are sights to behold.

08:27 AM – 09 Feb 2022

Twitter: @MisterDryan


Sounds like an entertaining buffet:

Death on the Nile has everything: gal gadot in cleopatra drag, horny dance sequences, lesbians, every canceled actor in Hollywood, and enough champagne to fill the Nile!

04:24 AM – 13 Feb 2022

Twitter: @rosedommu


This scene stood out, even in the trailers:

Gal Gadot’s entrance in Death on the Nile is so wonderful, real Golden Age of Hollywood glamour in the setup, and seeing it in 70mm heightened all that. Also, the costumes in this film are so beautiful. #DeathOnTheNile #GalGadot

09:20 AM – 12 Feb 2022

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Some smart viewers quickly spotted the anachronism:

Saw ‘Death on the Nile’ at cinema yesterday. Did anyone else whisper to their long-suffering partner in the opening scene, in which Poirot takes part in a gas attack in 1914, “gas wasn’t used until 1915.” #twitterstorians

11:31 AM – 15 Feb 2022

Twitter: @Bedford_VM


This scene actually shows the fear that Gadot’s character is trying to hide behind her bravado:

Um, that “enough champagne to fill the Nile” bit in #DeathOnTheNile that everyone is bagging on makes sense *in the context of the film*. At that moment, Gal Gadot is angry, scared and frustrated and putting on a fake and unconvincing brave face for those in her company.

03:25 PM – 11 Feb 2022

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If you didn’t know already, Emma Mackey of Sex Education plays a central role in the movie:

All I can say, is if you enjoy Emma Mackey and her brilliant artistry- Run, don’t walk to go see her absolutely smash it in #DeathOnTheNile

03:54 PM – 10 Feb 2022

20th Century Studios/Twitter: @sexedtheories / Via Twitter: @sexedtheories


Then there’s Rose Leslie who portrays a French maid in the movie. This role was played by Jane Birkin (after whom Hermes named the Birkin bag) in the 1978 adaptation.

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Though in a supporting role, Letitia Wright managed to stand out:

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People who have read the book (like me) or watched the 1978 movie (also me) would know exactly what’s happening here:

Zeus/Twitter: @fruitygadot / Via Twitter: @fruitygadot


Some people felt that the movie is in sync with 21st century values:

Really loved how #DeathOnTheNile showed us two mature women being in relationship. Not in a sexual kind of way. Two ladies. Chilling on the ship. Five feet apart. Cause they (not) gay ✨💅

11:46 PM – 12 Feb 2022

20th Century Studios/Twitter: @chaotic_abelard / Via Twitter: @chaotic_abelard


Both of them are cast perfectly:

When Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French first appeared together in #DeathOnTheNile I leaned over to movie buddy @DarlingChristie and whispered, “I bet those two are going to be Absolutely Fabulous.”

Her reaction was priceless. Turns out she was thinking the exact same thing.

12:36 AM – 14 Feb 2022

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She too has an important role to play in the investigation:

“If I took pot shots at everyone who tried to put me down, the world would be filled with the bodies of white ladies,” Salome, #DeathOnTheNile 😍 LOVED this woman

02:28 AM – 15 Feb 2022

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Seems the movie does take lots of time before the first murder takes place:

#DeathOnTheNile is pretty good.

A very sluggish start before a solid murder mystery tale. It’s not as stylish or smart as it thinks but the twists and characters are fairly entertaining. It’s a worthwhile movie outing.

Kenneth Branagh’s performance is the spine of the film!

08:54 PM – 09 Feb 2022

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Well, thanks to superhero movies, origin stories are in vogue. Why not give a mustache its origin story?

Twitter: @aspaul


And finally, was this line from Russell Brand ignorance or comedy?

The funniest thing about #DeathOnTheNile was -at the end- Russel Brand saying “I’m going to Africa”. Dude. Egypt IS Africa.

Loved the movie tho.

12:29 PM – 11 Feb 2022

Twitter: @FedeGrff