17 Millennials Trends That Are Toxic, Offensive, And Straight-Up Cringeworthy

Posted on Nov 27, 2021

“Millennials are the worst modern generation.”

Millennials may have a lot to say when it comes to “toxic” Gen Z trends, but Gen Z’ers are NOT afraid to call them out in return. So here are just some “toxic” millennial trends people are pointing out:


Complaining about Gen Z trends:

Millennials hopping on tiktok and throwing a fit because Gen Z has different fashion, style and music preferences is giving real big Boomer on Facebook complaining about “kids these days” energy.

Fellow millennials, please stop. You’re embarrassing us.

04:43 PM – 02 Mar 2021

Twitter: @yo_era_mark


Repeating the same cycle as previous generations:

I was really hoping millennials would be the generation to end the cycle of shitting on the next one but then you assholes went and created “cringe culture” and act like Gen Z kids doing Fortnite dances or making TikToks is the death culture.

10:51 AM – 16 Nov 2018

Twitter: @thetomska


Literally dating like this:

“We’re not in a relationship! We’re just exclusively dating and staying at each others places most nights. It’s been going on for about 7 months.” -90% of the millennials I know.

10:34 PM – 25 Jun 2021

Twitter: @DanielBGreene


Putting pressure on all of this:

We put so much pressure on ourselves as millennials.

We want a six figure income, the love of our life, a successful entrepreneurial side hustle, to travel every few months, a stable gym routine, 7-8 hours of sleep, work/life balance and mental/emotional stability.

By 30.

03:29 PM – 24 Feb 2020

Twitter: @Such_aGentleman


Thinking everything should be a side hustle (shoutout to capitalism, though):

Normalizing side hustle culture is one of the greatest scams late stage capitalism pulled on millennials.

05:25 AM – 21 Aug 2021

Twitter: @RealFlagSmasher


Making personality traits out of anything, like Hogwarts houses:

Dating geriatric millennials is weird.

You’ll be asking them what type of person they are and they respond with something like, “I’m a Hufflepuff”.

11:01 AM – 03 Oct 2021

Twitter: @katelsolomons


And mental health issues:

why would you put “crippling depression” in your tinder profile like it’s a fun and quirky personality trait? See this is why people think millennials are cringe

01:35 PM – 18 Nov 2021

Twitter: @mayhueeee


And finally, thinking anyone younger than they are doesn’t remember ANYTHING:

Older millennials love to tell people in their 20s things like “you probably don’t know what a vcr is”

03:54 PM – 23 Jan 2021

Twitter: @MyFaceIsTired_

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