18 Hilarious Reactions To Nia DaCostas New Film, “Candyman”

*Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name” blares in the distance.*

Y’all, I’m going to cut right to the chase: Nia DaCosta’s highly anticipated remake/reboot/re-imagining, Candyman, came out this weekend, and you already know the internet came through with some hilarious reactions to the new horror movie!

So, with that in mind, we took to the depths of Twitter and Tumblr to round up some of the very best and curated them into this easy-to-enjoy list! Ready? OK, here we go:


This mother’s intuition:

The other day the trailer came on & my youngest was like “What’s Candyman? What kind of name is Candyman…is Candyman a monster…” I never sprinted across the room so fast in my life to tell him to stop saying his name 😭 https://t.co/Yrc8Q0JwgB

09:42 PM – 27 Aug 2021

Twitter: @ReaganGomez


This excellent question:


This final destination:

My wife just told me that if I say “we’re gonna be late” three times while she’s in the mirror the candyman will kill my mother fucking ass.

08:03 PM – 25 Aug 2021

Twitter: @DevonESawa


This reminder that nothing is real:

listen. covid is still happening. people still aren’t getting vaxxed or masked. time to do something crazy. go scream in the woods. confess ur crush. swim naked. buy that 12 foot skeleton. say candyman five times in the mirror. nothing is real

09:00 PM – 25 Aug 2021

Twitter: @mechamelissa


This undeniable truth:

Well, there ya have it! What did you think of Candyman? Share all of your thoughts in the comments below! OH! And if you loved what you read, be sure to click through and follow your favorite creators on both Twitter and Tumblr to make your timelines more fun, nerdy places to be!

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