18 People I Would Never Mess With…Ever

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This daughter:

my daughter was wearing a flannel hoodie so I said “hey, the 90’s called” and she replied “yeah cause they couldn’t text” and godDAMMIT I’m getting really tired of my kids owning me

03:14 AM – 29 Jan 2021

Twitter: @GrantTanaka


This defensive dog owner:

Guy in the pickup honking, yelling at woman to move out of the street. She yells back “my dog is shitting, wait a minute!”

I ❤️ NY

01:45 PM – 14 Feb 2019

@AirlineFlyer / Via Twitter: @AirlineFlyer


This aggressive Tinder bro:


This coffee queen:

Yesterday a girl walked into class with an iced coffee and my prof told her she couldn’t have it so she just walked out and never came back and I can’t stop thinking about it

02:37 PM – 31 Jan 2019

@rachelhelenw / Via Twitter: @rachelhelenw


This protective momma:


This king:

My apartment really just tried to charge me $955 for moving out 20 minutes late.. I walked straight to their corporate office, and pulled the “my lawyer will be in touch with y’all soon card” and 3 minutes later the charge was dropped… I ain’t even got a lawyer 🤣🤣🤣

10:57 PM – 31 Jul 2021

Twitter: @AlliDoisQuinnn


And lastly, this lemonade legend:

My daughter made $110 on her lemonade stand today, in like an hour. Turned out people were handing her $5s and $10s and she was just assertively saying thank you for the tip, and not offering change.

03:16 AM – 25 Jul 2021

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