19 Tweets That Anyone With An iPhone Will Feel On A Deep Level


The new iPhone will totally revolutionize the way I send all of your calls straight to voicemail.

04:42 PM – 12 Sep 2012


iPhone: your storage is almost full

me: uh ok what don’t I need. I guess I’ll delete all my contacts

03:33 AM – 21 Apr 2015


I hate when my Touch ID doesn’t work on my phone like c’mon you already know it’s me with a little chicken tenders grease

01:38 AM – 29 Dec 2017


I either need to see a doctor or an Apple Genius because every trip to the bathroom uses 50% of my phone battery.

04:49 PM – 22 Jan 2015


I spelled it “Fuvking” once back in 2007 and autocorrect has been making my life a living hell ever since

07:28 AM – 29 Feb 2016


me 5 years ago (dumb): hey does anyone have an iphone charger i can borrow

me now (so smart and prepared): ya i always carry six portable power banks on me and also a small generator i can crank with my hand to create power to charge my phone. baby needs its juice

04:37 AM – 20 May 2018

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