19 Tweets To Make Anyone Who Went To School Say, “Hey, Look! I Found Another Repressed Memory!”

Posted on Dec 12, 2021

*smells the faint scent of clementine from the back of the classroom*


The fact that there was always one (1) kid peeling a goddamn clementine in the back of the class:

Twitter: @big_smoke100


Getting pulled out of class for some 1-on-1 time and gaining nothing from it whatsoever:

Twitter: @iAintFunnyHo


The level of celebrity that came with leaving class early for a doctor’s appointment:

Twitter: @hoemoticon


Everyone learned about The Birds and the Bees™ from the fifth graders in the back of the bus:

my mom never gave me the sex talk she just sent me to public school every day on the bus and hoped for the best

05:24 PM – 26 Feb 2020

Twitter: @talliesinyoung


Everyone’s English department looked like this, and you can’t tell me otherwise!!!

Twitter: @local__mom


This relatable ID that makes so much sense when you think about it on a psychological level:

all my “I can fix him” energy comes from being the quiet girl all the teachers would sit bad boys next to in class

05:32 PM – 14 Nov 2021

Twitter: @holy_schnitt


And lastly, this universal warning that fell flat:

all high school teachers: that shіt won’t fly in college

that shit in college: 🦅🛫🦉🦋🐝🦇🚀🛸🚁

05:07 PM – 02 Dec 2021

Twitter: @Sadcrib