20 Hilarious Tweets That Prove Irish People Are A Gift To The Internet

Posted 3 minutes ago

“Do caterpillars know they’re going to turn in to butterflies or do they just wake up one day like wtf I am stunning?”


Girls love it when you wear a striped night gown/night cap, have a little candle holder for investigating strange noises during the night, and say stuff like “who goes there?”

05:08 PM – 03 Aug 2021

Twitter: @ghoulcabin


Imagine going out so hard on the sesh with your mates that you wake up having somehow been made special envoy to the UN for Free Speech. The fear must be something else.


10:06 AM – 04 Aug 2021

Twitter: @BigDirtyFry


Can y’all stop revving your cars in bundoran my girlfriend is on the brink of leaving me because you guys are revving your cars and looking so cool pls stop

08:20 PM – 01 Aug 2021

Twitter: @Cealan_


How culchie is my 20 year old brother? He came to Dublin for the first time today and he has been hopping on the buses without paying because he thought they were free

07:30 PM – 31 Jul 2021

Twitter: @AmyDonohoe1

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