21 BTS Moments Of The “Euphoria” Cast Being Cinnamon Rolls On And Off The Set Of Their Chaotic Show

IDK which duo I love more — Fezco and Lexi or Angus Cloud and Maude Apatow.


Hunter Schafer (who plays Jules) shared these fun videos of her and the cast being silly in between takes from the weeklong night shoots of the Season 2 premiere:


Barbie Ferreira (who plays Kat) shared these pics of Kat’s makeup looks and the cast being silly between takes:


Sydney Sweeney (who plays Cassie) shared these Oklahoma outtakes from Episode 3 (IYKYK):


Sydney Sweeney also shared these pics from earlier episodes of her pregnant and hanging with Angus Cloud (who plays Fezco):


Sydney Sweeney also shared this pic of her and onscreen sis Maude Apatow (who plays Lexi) dressed as the creepy twins from The Shining:


Maude Apatow shared this Hollywood recreation of her and Sydney Sweeney:

Pictorial Press LTD/ Alamy Stock Photo / Twitter: @sydney_sweeney


Angus Cloud shared these pics of him and Jacob Elordi (who plays Nate) after their fight — but don’t worry, it’s all love between them IRL:


Angus Cloud also shared this fun video of him smashing a (sugar) bottle across Jacob Elordi’s head:


Angus Cloud also shared these cute Fez-and-Rue pics of him and Zendaya (who plays Rue) for her birthday:


Angus Cloud revealed on Twitter that he’s gonna be watching Euphoria live with the rest of us:

My manager doesn’t let me watch the entire season, so I’m watching in real time along with y’all lol

02:11 AM – 24 Jan 2022

Twitter: @anguscloud


Maude Apatow shared this pic of candid Lexi in her bedroom:


Maude Apatow also shared this pic of her going from Maude to Lexi in the makeup trailer:


Angus Cloud shared this candid of Lexi and Fezco for all the shippers out there, present company included:

Twitter: @anguscloud


Colman Domingo (who plays Ali) posted this selfie of him and Zendaya before filming a serious Ali and Rue scene:


Javon “Wanna” Walton (who plays Ashtray) shared this pic of him, Angus Cloud, and Meeko Gattuso (who played Mouse) lookin’ calm before the drama:


Wanna Walton also shared this Ashtray pic with a Wanna Walton accessory:


Euphoria MUA Donni Davy shared BTS pics from the makeup trailer. This is Cassie turning into Nate’s fantasy:


And Alexa Demie getting Maddy-fied:


And Jacob Elordi getting fake-fucked up:


Storm Reid (who plays Gia) shared this car selfie of the Bennetts:


And lastly, co-producer Jeremy O. Harris shared this fun video of Jacob Elordi groovin’ in a knit sweater: