21 Very Silly Tweets Reacting To The 2021 Emmy Awards

The 2021 Emmy Awards were tonight, and y’all already KNOW that Twitter came through with some absolutely hilarious jokes, memes, and reactions to the show! So, without further ado, here are just a few of the very best:


This perfect pun:

If I was giving a speech for accepting an award on behalf of The Queen’s Gambit I would simply say “Checkmate” with the most annoying smile in the entire goddamn world

02:11 AM – 20 Sep 2021

Twitter: @lfitzmaurice

There ya have it! What did you think of this year’s Emmy Awards? Share all of your thoughts in the comments below! OH! And if you loved what you read, be sure to click through and follow your favorite creators on Twitter to make your timeline a more fun place to be!

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