22 Great Tweets That Really Held Me Down This Week

Posted 4 minutes ago

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed Celeb

Welcome back to another weekly roundup of funny and heartwarming tweets. Whether you’re in need of a smile or just looking to pass the time, these great tweets are for you:


The lady at the DMV took my picture for the license/registration. Then she asked “body type?”

“Um, slim to average… I guess…?”

“Of the vehicle.”


*she laughs hysterically for 3 minutes*

Now she is telling all her coworkers and I can never show my face here again.

05:23 PM – 05 Oct 2021

Twitter: @MatthewCappucci


Want to feel old? The first “Want to feel old?” tweet was in 2008, about the baby from Nirvana graduating high school. https://t.co/3U5iz1nBwj

01:24 PM – 06 Oct 2021

Twitter: @ftrain

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