23 Tweets That Will Make Anyone Who Grew Up In The 2000s SUPER Nostalgic


First of all, we can’t talk about the 2000s without talking about 2000s Disney Channel.

Twitter: @shakovic93


There will never be celebs like 2000s Disney Channel celebs. They literally had their own Olympics.

Gerardo Mora / Getty Images / Twitter: @DomiVino


Remember the empowerment DCOMS used to give us?? The Cheetah Girls made 8-year-old me a feminist.

Cheetah Girls was into something. They said “I can slay my own dragon. I can dream my own dream. My night and shining armor is me. So I’m gonna set me free” HOW FUCKING LIBERATING! That’s on who? The Cheetah Girls!

01:20 AM – 18 Aug 2021

Twitter: @Silence_isloud


We also had premiere nights like you wouldn’t BELIEVE. You’d run to the bathroom or to grab a snack during a commercial break and count on your siblings to scream “IT’S BACK” the second the commercial break ended.

AF archive / Alamy Stock Photo / Twitter: @mce1201


The more hardcore of us watched America’s Next Top Model. The best episode? The makeover one.

Tyra used to chop girls’ hair off and we’d be at home like “girl stop crying do you wanna be on top or not” just a very dark time

11:43 PM – 31 Aug 2021

Twitter: @RossiSongo


But it wasn’t just the TV — the music from that period is UNMATCHED.

Twitter: @CaitCamelia

2010 gave us some of the best songs of all time.


Including some ~banging~ music. Even if that meant head-banging alone in your room and not actually banging like you wanted to.

Twitter: @musicstruggles1


Cellphones were an entirely different BREED back then. First of all, they had charms.

special place in hell for whoever decided to take the lil charm holes off of phones. Special place in hell

05:04 PM – 25 Aug 2021

Twitter: @wuji_mp3

I remember getting a designer charm for my pink LG chocolate for my Bat Mitzvah.


They also had limited (if any) access to the internet, meaning most of our directions looked like this:

Twitter: @yazzk_

RIP, Mapquest. You probably still exist, but still, RIP.


And when school was cancelled, we’d find out not through a text, but the local news. We’d literally wake up at 5:30 a.m. with a foot of snow outside and stare at the screen for 20 minutes waiting for our school to come up on the list.

Twitter: @Ramina1690

But the moment you finally saw it after all that anticipation? Nothing beats that high.


Phone cameras were VERY crappy, so we had to use actual digital or disposable cameras. We’d take a million pictures of, like, the grass during summer or of a single giraffe on a field trip.

two teen girls asked me to take a pic of them & i said sure. then they handed me a disposable camera & then tried to show me how to use it. do not cite the deep magic to me witch. i was there when it was written

07:14 PM – 07 Aug 2021

Twitter: @sarahndipity18


We also had to use our computers a lot more. Now, some people had Mac computers, but most of us had Dells, and I’m sure this image is burned into your brain.

Twitter: @closedonsundayy


It mostly consisted of quoting iconic scenes from 2000s movies.

Twitter: @bitchrespecter

I can still recite Homer’s song.


And in our downtime, we LOVED stressing ourselves out with games like Perfection and Bop It!

Twitter: @JulieAbridged


Especially this photo of the white Egyptian that seemed to be in every textbook.

Twitter: @jugga101

Why does he look like his name would be Dave and he’d run a car dealership?


This one’s so random, but I’m including it because it’s so true. Why did every lesson about Eleanor Roosevelt include this??

why was every book i read about eleanor roosevelt as a child like “despite being very ugly,”

12:41 AM – 12 Mar 2021

Twitter: @anticapitalizm

One time another classmate and I both chose Eleanor Roosevelt as our person to dress up as for this assignment where we had to give a little speech about historical figures’ lives. My mom bought me this velvet dress and did my hair for it and then afterward, in the bathroom, the classmate made fun of me for dressing up because “Eleanor Roosevelt is ugly.” ????


Ah, gym class. I feel like every millennial has a very specific memory of gym class, but there are some universal truths.

Twitter: @cowboij

My specific memory? That my gym teacher used to play “My Humps” when we ran around the track. Yes, that song about boobs by the Black Eyed Peas.


I feel like puffy jackets have come back into style, but when we were younger?? I’d do ANYTHING to not have to wear a jacket.

Who else used to be embarrassed af to wear a winter coat to schoool😭that shit just humiliating for no reason LMAO

05:29 PM – 21 Dec 2020

Twitter: @Guiltysadist1

I would literally go to school in a thin sweater and a skirt with tights when it was 9 degrees out because I thought winter jackets were ugly.


Speaking of school fashion…every single girl owned these pants in elementary and middle school. Every. Single. Girl.

Twitter: @Gallegos____

Oh, gauchos. I miss you so, but you belong in the past.


And finally, I really can’t make a post about the 2000s without including the most lit place to have a birthday party: Rainforest Cafe.

Twitter: @jillboard

I went a few years ago and it was just as cool as I remembered it.

What do you remember most vividly about the 2000s? Let us know in the comments!

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