24 Twitter Replies That Have No Business Being This Funny

Posted on Sep 19, 2021

“What time should we call your uber?” is still the best clapback ever.


This person had an amazing answer to an open-ended question:

Tommy Garcia / Fox / Courtesy: Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @zo1oft


Mindy Kaling had the absolute best shutdown of all time:


Although this reply gives Kaling’s a run for its money:

@marioistluigist / Twitter


This person managed to make one of Donald Trump’s tweets funny, and not in a sad way:


This person was here to keep their coworker humble:


This person provided the perfect caption for an incredible photo:

“No, I thought he was away on business. I’m terribly worried, detectives.” https://t.co/RtMT4S31Lt

11:23 PM – 05 Sep 2021

Twitter: @Eva_B89


Chrissy Teigen pulled no punches.


Hugh Hefner put someone in their place:

@bazooka_Jroe I have a lot of girlfriends because I don’t call them bitches, Jroe. A little respect will take you a long way.

11:45 PM – 11 Jul 2011

Twitter: @hughhefner

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