26 Hilarious British Tweets That Made Us Laugh This Week


How can I drop my daughter to school & there’s another dad here mad confused 🤣🤣 the receptionist asked what year his son is in he doesn’t know. She then asked his age he said 4 or 5 LOOOOOOOOL.

08:12 AM – 08 Sep 2021

Twitter: @1andonlyGee_


I don’t understand how my mum sees me working from home and somehow interprets it as me not working? just got told to go and clean instead of staring at the computer. cheers mum 👍

10:13 AM – 07 Sep 2021

Twitter: @zamarudd


i was in aldi earlier & a girl in the middle aisle picked one of these up & was telling her friend that her housemate used one to put tan on??? sorry what?

09:47 PM – 06 Sep 2021

Twitter: @GeorgiaHH


if you have breasts they tell you a lot of shit abt checking for lumps. they do not tell you that a boob is made of lumps. here i am looking for lumps in the lump factory

09:27 AM – 09 Sep 2021

Twitter: @uncanny_eli


hey it’s me, a landlord with a twitter account. thanks for the 60% of your wages every month but could you also like me as well please? for some reason it’s very important that you like me

02:57 PM – 08 Sep 2021

Twitter: @joelgolby


My dad had his van stole from outside our house about 5 years ago and the police done fuck all so still to this day everytime they post on Facebook he comments asking if they’ve found his van yet hahah

06:22 PM – 09 Sep 2021

Twitter: @_alexoates

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