26 Things That Will Make You Laugh But Also Feel A Little Dead Inside

Posted 23 minutes ago

Funny people who are also really, really cynical…this one’s for you.

Hello, friends! Would you like to laugh a lot, but also feel kind of sad and empty inside afterward? Maybe even a little hopeless? Yes? Well, this is the post for you.


I remember my moms Uncle Joe died and got cremated and we were on the way to the funeral and she said she wanted some coffee and my older brother said “well we got a box ‘a Joe right here” and that didn’t make her laugh

04:15 PM – 04 Oct 2018

Twitter: @RemmyBux


I love the stock market because when it goes up we get nothing but when it goes down we all lose our jobs. Except during a pandemic when it goes up and we still lose our jobs

09:29 AM – 27 Jan 2021

Twitter: @yeoldedad


Capitalism: good news! with technology we can produce more with half the work.
Workers: cool! so we only have to work half the hours?
Capital: …
Workers: we get paid double?
Capital: …
Workers: we retire sooner?
Capital: …
Workers: …
Capital: btw, we rolled back your pensions

04:33 PM – 24 Oct 2019

Twitter: @existentialcoms

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