27 Of The Funniest Tweets About The “Wicked” Casting Announcement Because I Know Youre Thinking The Same Thing

Cynthia will star as green goddess Elphaba and Ariana is returning to her Broadway roots as Glinda.

Goooood Newwwws!!! The incredible #CynthiaErivo and @ArianaGrande will be our Elphaba and Galinda in @WickedMovie @UniversalPics Get ready for a match up like you’ve never seen!!! In pink and green!!!

01:13 AM – 05 Nov 2021

@jonmchu / Via Twitter: @jonmchu

When the news dropped last night, it rocked not only the musical theater world but everyone on the internet. Here are 29 of the downright funniest reactions to the Wicked movie casting: