27 Tweets About Trader Joes That Are Way, Way Funnier Than They Should Be

Posted 3 minutes ago

It’s the only way to do it.


how did trader joe’s build such a solid brand to the point where they can sell me a microwaveable burrito and I still think it’s healthy ?? we have to hand it to trader joe on this

06:08 PM – 27 Nov 2018

Twitter: @aubrey031018


Overheard the girl behind me in line at Trader Joe’s say, “I love shopping here but it stresses me out” and I think that’s the general consensus of shopping at Trader Joe’s

08:57 PM – 02 Oct 2021

Twitter: @briannairv


me in any normal grocery store: anxious, meek, hungry, alone and scared, totally lost, don’t know what to buy

me in Trader Joe’s: powerful, honed in, pure zen, the light inside me forges the path to exactly what I need

06:23 AM – 25 Jan 2021

Twitter: @SweetBabyTayz

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