29 Times B.J. Novak Was Ridiculously Funny On Twitter

It’s impossible not to read these tweets in his voice.

You know B.J. Novak — he was, of course, Ryan on The Office (when he wasn’t writing for the show), but also wrote the hit children’s book The Book with No Pictures and created the current FX on Hulu show The Premise.

And you may have recently seen that wild story about how a photo of B.J. was accidentally deemed public domain, and brands overseas started putting his face on random products, lol.

Well, when B.J. isn’t doing all of that, he’s on Twitter where he’s known to be A) really funny, and B) maybe a little snarky. Here are some of his best tweets:


If you give me food in a container you will never get the container back, I don’t care if it is diamond encrusted Tupperware that has been in your family for generations

10:09 PM – 25 Jul 2021

Twitter: @bjnovak


“Welcome to our house. Here are the four nearly identical giant remote controls for the TV. This one has the power button, this one changes channels, this one is for volume, and this one we don’t know what it does”

05:00 PM – 14 Jul 2018

Twitter: @bjnovak


“I won’t tell you their name, but it rhymes with…” – has this ever been used sincerely, as a real attempt to protect someone’s privacy? If so, that’s an odd choice

06:16 PM – 21 Jun 2021

Twitter: @bjnovak


It felt wonderful to be asked “how are you feeling?” this morning before I realized this was our production’s COVID coordinator and this was mandatory question

05:54 PM – 28 May 2021

Twitter: @bjnovak


Remember to wash your hands with soap and water for twenty seconds. And, before biting an apple, rub it briefly on the shirt you’ve been wearing all day

04:54 AM – 05 May 2021

Twitter: @bjnovak

Very funny, B.J. — and I gotta say, I love how open you are about being as obsessed with your phone as we are!


Keep sharing the funny tweets, my good man!