33 Genuine Questions Millennials Have For Gen Z

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Why is all the world a TikTok stage?

Why do Gen Z kids do tiktok dances in the most random places? I was witnessing a whole dance off while waiting in line at a grocery store

05:08 PM – 31 Jan 2021

Twitter: @brownnipgal


Like seriously, why all the dancing?

why the heck do gen z kids dance when we’re having a normal conversation 😭😭😭😭😭

11:45 PM – 02 Feb 2021


Also, what’s up with using the sparkles emoji for ✨emphasis✨ every chance you get?

Twitter: @quartoporto2


Why do you insist on documenting your pain?


Why are your IG grids completely bare?


And why are your captions so cryptic?

Gen Z be posting normal-ass photos on instagram with captions like “What are traditions but laws enforced by the dead” and that shit gets likes

05:28 AM – 13 Oct 2020

Twitter: @Wigbeats


And then why do you insist you’re “public figures”?

ok why do gen z kids reach 1000 insta followers and immediately gotta put “public figure” in their bio lmao go study for your Algebra I final or sumthin bb

07:00 PM – 17 Apr 2018

Twitter: @LindseyMasonx


How come we’re no longer allowed on social media because we aren’t 12?

Why does Gen Z think that after a certain age we shouldn’t be allowed to have social media accounts? Social media is only allowed if you younger than 23 my babies? Really??

05:07 PM – 10 Feb 2021

Twitter: @simsimmaaz


And then apparently, you don’t even wanna be there either???

why does gen z romanticize times where there was no social media why dont u just log out?????

06:56 PM – 15 Oct 2020

Twitter: @Iibrart


Please, tell us how you somehow eluded the dreaded “awkward phase.”

Hold up, why are Gen Z teens so good looking?!?!? Sis and dudes glowed up even before turning 18. I hate it here 😭

12:02 PM – 20 Mar 2020

Twitter: @christiandof14


If you’re gonna be emo, can you at least put some respect on our names?


Who’s the ACTUAL main character?

My cousin said rona didn’t kill her cause she’s a main character…I can’t with Gen Z

01:33 AM – 21 Sep 2020


And why do you never smile in said selfies?

Why do Gen Z celebs pose on Instagram like they’re in a Renaissance period painting?

“OMG SO excited for Santorini today!!! I can’t wait!!”

Also them:

01:15 PM – 26 Aug 2021

Twitter: @SwissArmyWife00


Why are y’all walking around looking like a bunch of parentheses?

Serious question: why do Gen Z kids have terrible posture? I just wanna roll all y’all’s shoulders back & pick up your chins.

08:16 AM – 27 Apr 2021

Twitter: @TheOnlyDetox


What’s up with your obsession with caterpillar brows?

Why does gen Z brush their eyebrows so weirdly?? Sorry I just can’t get with this weird trend it freaks me O U T

03:06 AM – 09 Oct 2021

Twitter: @mel_tab


Why do the 90s seem so appealing?

why does gen z want to be in the 90s so much? It’s like this idealized view of an era they really don’t understand was not that great

08:44 PM – 14 Oct 2021

Twitter: @alainaboys


How are you all able to flame us with just a single sentence?

gen z are fucking brutal my 16yr old employee said i “look like a person who doesn’t drink water” and it absolutely destroyed me because she’s fucking right !!!! why does gen z have this power of observation that does nothing but destroy us

06:01 PM – 27 Mar 2021

Twitter: @dolenzio


And finally, why all this Millennial hate when the true enemy still walks among us?

Twitter: @BouJae_

Gen Z, if you have any answers, feel free to ✨ chime in. ✨