35 Celebrities Who Are Just As Obsessed With “Red (Taylors Version)” As You Are

“Out of all the breakups, JG is my favorite one. It brought us Red and a 10-minute version years later.”

As you’ve probably learned by now, Taylor Swift released her re-recorded version of her 2012 album Red and fans are *obsessed*…including a TON of famous people.

Here’s what some of her fans, friends, and collaborators had to say:


Simu Liu

Shortly after this photo was taken, Simu was promptly tackled by security and ejected from the premises. He is currently in his hotel room eating nachos and rediscovering Taylor Swift. #WrongSaturday

08:28 AM – 14 Nov 2021

Twitter: @SimuLiu


Gracie Abrams

hey @taylorswift13 i just needed to say directly that i hope you’re happy because i’ve been possessed and heartbroken by 10 minute all too well i still can’t feel my arms and my heart rate is abnormal i love you so much

11:45 PM – 12 Nov 2021

Twitter: @gracieabrams


Anderson Paak

Looks like I linked up with the wrong pop star! Hey @taylorswift13 is your number still the same!? Lmk if you need help with 1989, I’m available! #ShakeItOff

03:22 AM – 17 Nov 2021

Twitter: @AndersonPaak


Glennon Doyle

Tish just said “mom it’s the last night Taylor won’t own her own Red songs.” It’s bad ass eve!!!! We’re partying tomorrow, Taylor’s Version Style!!! @taylorswift13!!

02:42 AM – 11 Nov 2021

Twitter: @GlennonDoyle


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