40 Pictures You Wont Even BEGIN To Understand If Youve Never Worked In A Restaurant

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Not a single lie detected.


The highest quality speakers:


Where the real gossip goes down:


The gnarliest mat in existence:


What actually goes down:

i just want customers to know when they complain we don’t get in trouble we just make fun of you later..so who’s the real loser here

12:41 AM – 07 Aug 2017

Twitter: @N0RES


The least welcome version of small talk:


Customers: OMG it’s so gorgeous out today how are yous open, It’s such a fab day and yous are in here working, omg bet you wish you were out in that sun

03:01 PM – 21 Apr 2019

Twitter: @taylor_mccowenx


The most hateful meal:


The dumbest three words in the English language:

“Are you closed??????”

no ma’am, we actually just decided to lock the front and start mopping for fun

06:26 PM – 05 Aug 2018

Twitter: @katiekml


The funniest joke you hear every single day:


The uselessness of signs:


The simple timetable:


The true horror of seeing this:


The generational difference:

Millennial who is probably struggling to pay for their rent and education: tips at least 20% every time

Above 40 with a platinum black credit card that weighs 3lbs: $1

12:28 AM – 29 Jan 2018

Twitter: @andee233


Like, c’mon:

ive had a teenage couple tip me $8 on a $20 bill and a middle aged couple tip me $1 on a $34 bill. dont tell me this generation isnt nicer than our parents because this is a daily thing.

11:26 PM – 24 Jun 2018

Twitter: @lauren_furno


The casual verbal abuse:

Why do customers give ya actual verbal abuse for ten mins straight then go ‘I know it’s not you, it’s not your fault’. Yeh I know it’s not

04:16 PM – 27 Oct 2017

Twitter: @Annanevinx


The totally reasonable asks:

Carried 3 desserts over to a table for a customer to say ‘Yh we actually ordered 2 cappuccinos with that’ RigHT I must of accidentally left them in the kitchen along with my 3rd arm Brian

10:44 PM – 16 Jun 2018

Twitter: @CharlotteCrook2


The fight to remember:


The hardest lie to tell:


Those very normal moments:


The reasonable requests:


The natural progression of events:

Some of you have never closed a restaurant, joined a house party late, drank an entire bottle of tequila, skipped sleep, went in drunk to open and then got mad at whoever closed. And for the love of God it shows.

07:19 PM – 05 Mar 2020

Twitter: @phileagle_


Newbees versus old vets:


And the honest truth:

You non tippers told restaurant employees that if $2.13/hr wasn’t enough, they should get another job, so they did…and now your favorite restaurant is understaffed and you’re mad about it.

08:26 PM – 09 May 2021

Twitter: @tlhicks713

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