42 Questions People Have About Being Alive In The 90s And Early 2000s That Will Never Not Be Funny

And that Gap commercial was straight up iconic.

That said, that reminded me of other questions people had about living in the ’90s/2000s that I honestly find funny every single time.

So, if you were alive in the ’90s these questions really need some answering:

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Did people in the 90s actually keep bottles of Snapple constantly stocked in their fridge or is this something Snapple wants me to believe.

07:50 PM – 11 Oct 2011

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I heard a great question on @sxmLithium today. Why did people in the 90s have ferrets? Discuss.

04:45 PM – 23 Jul 2020

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Why did people in the early 2000s wear jeans UNDER their dresses? Like who thought that was a good idea?

09:15 PM – 20 Feb 2020

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I’m reading a book right now and they keep referring to “computer discs”….did people in the 90s really call CD’s COMPUTER DISCS??

07:05 PM – 28 Sep 2018


Why did people in the 2000s refer to their blackberry as “my blackberry” and not just “my phone”? Imagine if we said “I’ll find it on my iPhone” or “my iPhone is ringing” or “can you hand me my iPhone”

04:03 PM – 23 Jul 2020

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