5 Killer Content Strategy Ideas That Just Might Increase Your Online Traffic


The internet has revolutionized business and commerce. Where competition and the battle for free-market dominance used to be battled at local levels, now with the advent of globalization and the internet, competition is fierce and worldwide. Businesses that neglect to manage their online presence, increase online traffic, and change and adapt to the global business climate will often falter or fail. It is important more than ever to put in effort into maintaining a strong online presence and driving traffic to websites to increase sales, exposure, and brand recognition. Here are 5 killer content strategy ideas that just might increase your online traffic.

1. Create quality content

One of the downfalls of the internet is the wide range of quality that is available on the internet. For whatever reason, not all businesses and entities hold themselves to the same high quality standards. As a result, content is not consistent from one source to the next. Creating quality content is one way to drive more traffic. Customers get the information they need which fosters trust and dependence on the information you provide.

2. Create blogs from customers’ perspectives

Too many sources on the world wide web are chock full of technical jargon that is not easily readable and accessible to the average customer. Also, these sources of information tend to sound to “salesmen-like” which in these days is mostly a turn off to customers. We live in a peer-to-peer age where information that appears to come directly from users’ sources and word of mouth has the most merit. Create blogs from the perspective of customer experiences and deeper understanding and connections can be made. The usefulness and frank dialogue will drive traffic on its own.

3. Give out useful information for free

It used to be a common trend to tease and tantalize customers by offering up articles or informational material only to turn around and request payment to view the full content. This model worked for awhile, however, now the internet is full of free content and customers today demand content mostly for free. Give your customers what they want, short of the actual product or service they demand and you can develop a strong relationship with them that builds trust and loyalty. Frequently changing up the resources and updating websites, blogs, and other content vehicles will get potential customers hooked and increase traffic and sales.

4. Don’t be afraid to market to other businesses

Creating content and marketing to other smaller businesses is also a great way to expand your net exposure. Much like word of mouth or viral marketing, providing quality content to other similar businesses creates a community and may allow your business to tap into markets that were previously unnoticed. This can increase your customer base substantially and allow for new exposure that create win-win publicity for all the entities involved.

5. Keep your content diverse

Keywords and phrases can differ significantly but still trickle down and lead to the same content. Understand the different ideas and viewpoints that your customers may have and target it. This will lead to a diversified web of content that can funnel in more potential customers to your websites. This not only can create an increase in traffic, but it stimulates creativity and may even show you untapped markets you had not imagined before.

Follow these 5 tips to make your content hit the bulls eye.


Source by Christopher Rivera