50 Pictures That Will Make Every Single Millennial Have An Existential Crisis


On the 1900s:

One of my students really wrote a sentence that begins, “In the late 1900s.” I had to re-read it three times to realize what the heck was going on. My feelings are hurt.

03:40 PM – 14 May 2020

Twitter: @sjjphd


On Netflix:

I explained to my daughter that when Netflix started they used to send you DVDs.

6yr old: (old lady voice) You know, back in my day, the internet used to come in the mail.

06:06 PM – 27 Sep 2020

Twitter: @zimmer_donald


On novels:

Just learned there is a YA book coming out soon in which a teen looks for clues about her birth mother in HER DAD’s LIVEJOURNAL. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt older than in this very moment.

01:05 AM – 11 Aug 2021

Twitter: @lmansley


On the Creek:

My teenage daughter just came into the kitchen and said “I’m watching this TV show, it’s like a teen drama but it’s set in the past”. I asked her what it was called and she said “Dawson’s Creek”.
I have been alive a long time.

09:17 PM – 19 Feb 2021

Twitter: @DecLawn


On 9/11:

me, in my 9/11 class:
So, how did YOU feel, when you heard the news?

Erm.. I was two years old 🤷‍♀️

#IFeelOld #phdlife

05:06 PM – 23 Apr 2019

Twitter: @MsOeming


On Funniest Home Videos:


On phonebooks:

So my kid is so excited about a book that was delivered to our driveway yesterday. “Mom,” he asked incredulously, “Is EVERYBODY’S name in there?” Yep, my 11-year old had never seen a phone book. #ifeelold

12:53 AM – 25 May 2020

Twitter: @whec_DDewberry


On the 2000 election:


On emo bands:

How old your favorite band is turning in 2021 👇

@AllTimeLow – 18 years
@blink182 – 29 years
@falloutboy – 20 years
@GreenDay – 35 years
@GoodCharlotte – 25 years
@MCRofficial – 20 years
@newfoundglory – 24 years
@PanicAtTheDisco – 17 years
@Sum41 – 25 years

09:19 PM – 04 Feb 2021

Twitter: @altpress


On commercials:

Watching cable with my eldest son and a commercial comes on. He asked to skip it and I said you can’t skip tv ads. I then told him you have to pay to watch these too and he looked at me like I’m crazy

11:54 PM – 12 Jan 2020

Twitter: @Dutch40k



“bye bye bye” just came on and my 14 year old brother goes “what’s that from? high school musical?”

sigh we’ve reached the generation that doesn’t know who *NSYNC is

05:31 PM – 30 Oct 2019

Twitter: @ItsSteephh


On saving:

Why is the “Save” button on MS Excel represented by the picture of vending machine? (with purchased drink at the bottom)
— a question by young Japanese caught a buzz in Japan https://t.co/1MwZck1Bqb

02:36 AM – 11 Aug 2019

Twitter: @nobi

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