73 “Encanto” Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Straight From Director Jared Bush

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” could have been called “We Don’t Talk About Emo.”

If you think the world is over Encanto yet, think again. During Disney’s earnings call on Feb. 9, they said the film “became the fastest title to cross 200 million hours viewed on Disney+.” That’s a whole lot of hours!

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

Fans have been looking up theories, easter eggs, and fun facts for weeks now, and thanks to Encanto director Jared Bush’s love for his film and tweeting, he’s been keeping us well fed!

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for Disney

I decided to scour through all his tweets to pull out the sweetest facts for all you Encanto fans out there, so here are 73 of the juiciest bits he’s shared:


Lin-Manuel Miranda was given different naming options for Bruno from Jared while writing the music for the film, and Lin thankfully chose Bruno. “We Don’t Talk About Emo” just doesn’t hit the same way.

Ready for this most significant text of our entire #Encanto production? April 29th 2020. Little did we know…

10:45 PM – 30 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Speaking of names, Mirabel’s original name was Beatriz. This was two years before Stephanie Beatriz was even cast to voice her. That’s fate!

@R5_Jonasfan Mirabel’s original name was actually Beatriz… several years ago we changed it to Mirabel. Two years after that we found her official voice… Stephanie… BEATRIZ. 🤯 @iamstephbeatz

05:39 PM – 22 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Mirabel’s name isn’t just some random pick either. Not only does “mira” mean “to see” in Spanish, but it also connects her with the word “miracle.” As far as the title Encanto goes, “canto” means “sing” in Spanish, so naturally it’s also appropriate for the name of this film.

@GayMathMagician The “Mira” part came first, but in the early days we always question if we have the right names – “miracle” etymology and rhyme with Mirabel reinforced it. Similar to “Encanto” as a title – both as charm, magic/spiritual place, BUT ALSO “Canto” as in relating to singing too.

02:33 PM – 15 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Stephanie Beatriz was over nine months pregnant when she recorded “Waiting On A Miracle” and had the baby just 48 hours later.

Guess what… for @iamstephbeatz’s final record of this song… she was OVER 9 months pregnant. 48 hours after she finished this song she HAD A BABY. #Encanto

10:23 PM – 30 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


When Camilo shapeshifted into Bruno in an early version of the film, he was in fact 7 feet tall as Camilo had said in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.”

Our first idea of what Camilo might look like transforming into Bruno was created by superstar Animator Valentin Amador! #Bruno #7FOOTFRAME #Encanto @Lin_Manuel @RhenzyFeliz

10:49 PM – 30 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Abuela saying that her husband died just after her babies were born accurately implies that he died on their literal birthday. Now I’m crying again.

Twitter: @thejaredbush


And if that isn’t depressing enough for you, that scene was originally MUCH darker. There was a version of the story in which Pedro died at the river as Abuela Alma literally gave birth to the triplets.

@selineabanto Also… used to be even more tragic. There was a version where she had the babies AT the river and they were born the same moment Pedro died. We uh… we didn’t go with that.

03:08 PM – 05 Feb 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Since we’re in a sad mood already, the magical candle that provided the Madrigal family with their gifts was actually Abuela Alma and Abuelo Pedro’s wedding candle.

Twitter: @thejaredbush


In an early version of the film, Isabela and Mirabel get into a physical fight, as sisters do.

@kellym__95 Looks like Sam Vilfort’s awesome artwork! Yes, in earlier versions of the movie things got out of hand. And it was hilarious.

02:14 PM – 05 Feb 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


The design for Bruno’s room was partly inspired by the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, which is a stunning underground cathedral in Colombia that is located inside a salt mine.

Part of the inspiration for Bruno’s room was the amazing Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá. #encanto

10:40 PM – 30 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


They also considered using it as an inspiration for Luisa’s room before they landed on giving it to Bruno.

@castillogo Yes! Agreed! We went there and at one point thought the same thing – though we eventually took a little more inspiration from it for Bruno’s room. I do think I have a video of me literally saying I think it could be interesting for Luisa. I’ll try to find it.

12:00 AM – 05 Feb 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


The scene in which Mirabel comforts Antonio and gifts him a stuffed jaguar while underneath the bed in the nursery was the first to go into production and survived multiple revisions of the film. It was also partially inspired by Jared’s son Emmitt, who was 8 years old at the time Jared wrote the film and was also shy and loved animals.

Yes! First into production. And side note: my son Emmitt who was 8 when I wrote this, is shy and loves animals. I was thinking of him. Also… when he was really little he used to reach out his hand and say “I need you.” So for me that part is extra 😭. #encanto https://t.co/qsYsnzNik3

01:45 AM – 31 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


This sentimental scene was also part of Stephanie’s audition. But most importantly, she sang “You’re Welcome” from Moana during the audition — which animator Tony Smeed later brought to life in the most hilarious way possible.

The scene with Antonio was part of @iamstephbeatz’s audition. And it melted our hearts. She ALSO sang a song for that audition, ‘You’re Welcome’ and it was so endearing that amazing animator Tony Smeed brought it to life! #encanto @Lin_Manuel @TheRock @hhgarcia41 @DisneyAnimation

10:16 PM – 30 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


During “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” Agustín, who is Mirabel’s dad, is seen dancing (but not singing) because Mirabel did not ask him about Bruno. He also just wanted to fit in.

Glad you noticed this! The only people singing are the ones Mirabel asked about Bruno. She didn’t ask Agustín to avoid a parent conversation. BUT Agustín always wants to fit in with the Madrigals, so he dances anyway, trying to copy Félix, but not quite as well.🤣 #Encanto https://t.co/MZKVXeyTdL

01:35 PM – 01 Feb 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


In the scene where Mirabel enters Bruno’s door and Pico the toucan abandons her, Mirabel’s “Nope, you flew away immediately” line was improvised by Stephanie Beatriz.

“Nope, you flew away immediately” was an improvised line by @iamstephbeatz 🤣🤣🤣 #Encanto

10:42 PM – 30 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


While on the topic of Pico, actor Alan Tudyk voices the toucan in the film and spent hours recording it. He also did his research and was able to tell the filmmakers that the scratch vocals (which is the first ‘rough’ vocal draft) were actually a different species of bird.

And since we’re on the subject of our toucan Pico, the voice of this scene stealer is @AlanTudyk who spent HOURS recording it – he did his homework so well, that when he arrived to record he told us our scratch toucan sounds were actually a different species of bird. #encanto https://t.co/RnY6n8Yl42

01:53 AM – 31 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


The addition of the Bruno line “sana sana colita de rana” was an idea that came from a Disney Animation group called “Familia” that’s comprised of Latinx employees. They also coined the title Encanto. No big deal.

Scripted, but the idea came from our #Familia friends – a group of @DisneyAnimation folks from all over the studio with Latin backgrounds. We got together weekly to tell stories, discuss family and hang out. True story, they also coined #Encanto as the title of the movie! 🤯👏❤️ https://t.co/EZnceWCQqS

12:13 AM – 31 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


There was supposed to be an after-credit scene in which the casita pours water on Antonio’s capybara named Chispi. The filmmakers ultimately cut it because they wanted the movie to end on a different tone.

We considered an after credit joke to end the movie, but ultimately felt going out on the emotion and joy of the family coming back together was the way to go… but the hilarious @darrinbutters animated it!! So here you go! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR WATCHING WITH US!! #ENCANTO

11:32 PM – 30 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


The first line in the film is Abuela Alma saying, “Abre los ojos,” because it was important to the filmmakers that the first words you hear are in Spanish. Actor Maria Cecilia Botero, who voices Abuela, also accidentally showed up dressed as Abuela when she went to her first recording session.

“Abre los ojos…” – It was very important to us that the first words you hear are in Spanish. We were so lucky to work with the incredible @mariacebotero – in her first recording session… she showed up… unaware she was wearing Abuela Alma’s outfit!! #Encanto

10:02 PM – 30 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


The opening prologue and Abuela Alma’s story was a part of co-writer and co-director Charise Castro Smith’s very first draft. Keep in mind, these scripts typically change CONSTANTLY. She also provided the scratch vocals for many of the characters.

If you were moved by the opening prologue and Abuela Alma’s story, you have amazing co-Director/co-writer @ChariseCastroS1 to thank. She wrote it in her first draft. She was also the scratch voice for many of the characters in the movie for the first couple of years! #encanto

10:06 PM – 30 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


The process of creating Encanto first began with dotting down key ideas and themes on a white board.

Five years ago we began our #Encanto journey with a white board. This is what we wrote on it:

09:51 PM – 30 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush

The first photo says:

“But what is it about?

We have an amazing opportunity to say something important.

To tell our story, we want to start with theme. Build from the inside out.”

The second photo says:

“Dynamic over a generation (w/ multi-generational family)

Families are made up of individuals who evolve, who have hopes + dreams , and faults + failures. Can we tell a story that helps our audience see family from different perspective?”


Directors Jared Bush and Bryon Howard created a small book of short stories prior to writing or creating the film that would ultimately help them explore the tone and vibe of the story overall. The cover of the book says, “There is always another door” in Spanish and the pages featured tell a story about a character named Bisabuela Rosa, who is “mostly immortal.”

To celebrate today’s #Encanto Watch Party, here are some early pre-film explorations. Before we had a story, before we knew where our film would be set… @ByronPHoward and I made a little book of short stories to explore tone and vibe, without needing to fit a narrative… (1/2)

05:52 PM – 30 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush

In this one, they created a character named Emilia who has a father that has the power to heal. Her older brother is able to produce rain, while Emilia can (barely) create fire. One night, she was able to produce a flame that later resulted in an accident that killed her brother.

These weren’t bound to a specific place or time, and allowed us to play with how #Encanto might feel and what our approach to the family “gifts” might be. All art was done by @ByronPHoward and it’s some of my very favorite. See you all at 2pm/5pm, so much more to share! (2/2)

05:52 PM – 30 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Carolin Gaitán, who voices Pepa, met Lin-Manuel Miranda on a flight back from Colombia way before she knew about Encanto. She auditioned two years later for the role and didn’t tell them about this chance encounter until she landed the part.

TRUE STORY: 3 years ago we took a life-changing research trip to Colombia. On Lin’s flight back, a passenger got a selfie in the airport. 2 years later, that passenger auditioned for #Encanto. Only after she got the part did she tell us. That passenger: TÍA PEPA @CGaitanOficial🤯

06:06 AM – 21 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Pepa’s gift, which controls the weather, was originally supposed to be one that makes her indestructible.

@alexhamilton2nd Luisa is super strong, but I think she can get hurt like any of us. Long ago, we DID have a character who was indestructible… it was Tía Pepa, and you can see that version of her gift in the deleted scene extras.💪

01:14 PM – 15 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


In case you were curious, Mirabel is 5’2″.

Here’s an answer to a question I’ve been asked A LOT – “how tall is Mirabel?!” Official answer: 5’2” – all other characters’ heights are relative to hers, so that’s all I got… except Bruno who has, you know, a seven foot frame and 🐀🐀🐀 along his back. #Encanto

05:26 AM – 14 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


And if you’re curious about how old some of the Madrigal family members are: Isabela is 21, Dolores is also 21 (but a couple months younger), Luisa is 19, Camilo is 15, Mirabel is also 15, and Antonio is 5.

1/3 – Okay, #Encanto friends, now for the kids: Isabela (21) first grandchild, hence golden child pressure, Dolores (21) couple months younger, in Isa’s shadow hence quieter and Mariano issues, Luisa (19) next, strong middle child and feels need to please… cont’d… https://t.co/1fDi6p02RG

08:55 PM – 08 Dec 2021

Twitter: @thejaredbush

2/3 Camilo (15), “theater kid” trying on personas, he’s barely older than Mirabel (15) so when she DIDN’T get a gift after he DID it was shocking & youngest, Antonio (5) with Mirabel in nursery his whole life, hence closeness & first ceremony since Mirabel’s hence nerves.#encanto

08:55 PM – 08 Dec 2021

Twitter: @thejaredbush


As far as the spouses go, Félix is a bit older than the triplets (Julieta, Pepa, and Bruno), and Agustín is a bit younger than them. Agustín also fell in love with Julieta because he is so accident prone and constantly needed to be healed.

3/3 – oh and for those wondering, Félix is a little older than the original triplets and Agustín is a little younger than the triplets. Because Agustín was accident-prone he needed to be healed often… that’s how he and Julieta became a couple. ❤️

08:55 PM – 08 Dec 2021

Twitter: @thejaredbush


When it comes to the triplet’s birth order, Julieta is the “oldest,” Pepa came second, and Bruno is the “baby.”

Many asked about the birth order of the original triplets: Julieta’s oldest, healing helps everyone and she’s most responsible, Pepa’s “the middle child” – more emotional because Julieta was the “adult”, Bruno is the baby… making his departure all the more tragic.⚕️🌤⏳ #encanto

07:27 AM – 08 Dec 2021

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Since Mirabel is 15 in the film, the filmmakers played around with the idea of having a quinceañera for Mirabel in the film.

@natissss For sure we discussed quinces for the Madrigal girls. There was even a thought at one point that we’d see Mirabel’s quince in the film. So I’d say likely yes, but open to interpretation.

02:30 PM – 04 Feb 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Apparently animating belly buttons is a monumental task. In the case of Osvaldo (aka the man with the gut), funds and time had to allocated to make his shirt pop/show his belly button since the animation team thought it’d be worth the struggle. It was, it was.

We don’t usually build side characters with belly buttons, because it’s complexity that’s typically hidden. But our hilarious anim and tech anim teams suggested Osvaldo’s gut should pop his shirt. And we had to allocate funds. In other words, #Encanto had a belly button budget.💫

05:30 PM – 17 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


His full name is Osvaldo Orozco Ortiz, but he was originally called “Donkey Delivery Guy.”

@danieruhuli Haaaa! Nope, that gentleman is the same one who offered Mirabel the “‘not special’ special” – for a while he was known as ‘Donkey Delivery Guy’ but his ACTUAL name is ‘Osvaldo Orozco Ortiz’

02:40 PM – 26 Dec 2021

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Speaking of names, the woman whose fish died is named Señora Pezmuerto, which literally translates to Mrs. Deadfish.

I knew it would be tough. Great guesses, but there can be only one right answer: Sra. Pezmuerto🐟🪦

¡Feliz Nochebuena!

06:45 AM – 25 Dec 2021

Twitter: @thejaredbush


In the script she is called Señora Ozma, named after Natalie Osma, who took the Encanto team to Colombia on their research trip.

@MaryPenelope1 Sra. Osma is a shoutout to our incomparable collaborator and consultant @natoneprod – who took us to Colombia! For legal reasons it’s “Sra. Ozma” in the credits but not in the script. Pezmuerto came later… as a joke… because I’m a child. 🤣

12:29 AM – 31 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Choreographer Jamal Sims and assistant choreographer Kai Martinez created the dances within the film. They were shot by animators, who then used the footage as references to animate the same moves onto the characters.

For the Dolores, Camilo, Bruno and 🐀 fans! The choreography of Jamal Sims and @kai_martinez__ and incredible synergy of animation and tech anim. Impossible. 🤯✨❤️ #encanto https://t.co/0XdBmlqGeF

12:11 AM – 26 Dec 2021

Twitter: @thejaredbush


You can also likely thank Kai and Jamal for Mariano’s iconic walk in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.”

@Kristen62503931 @Lin_Manuel I think that was all @kai_martinez__ and #JamalSims! We saw that and laughed soooo hard.

11:45 PM – 30 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Live-action footage is often used by animators as a reference to how the final animation should look. Animators themselves often had to be their own actors as proven by the video below.

Love it! We have hours and hours of #Encanto reference videos. And we need to release every single one of them. Because everyone needs to know that in #Encanto and every movie in this medium… ANIMATORS ARE ALSO ACTORS. 👏❤️ @DisneyAnimation @DisneyAnimators https://t.co/UrIv12lndo

12:52 AM – 02 Feb 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


If you look closely, you can see that parts of Agustín’s outfit symbolize his three daugthers. The flower is for Isabela, one sock has Luisa’s symbols, and another sock is in the style of Mirabel’s embroidery.

Also… please note the amazing character design and costume / Agustín incorporated his three daughters into his outfit – flower for Isabela, one sock with Luisa’s symbols, one sock in the style of Mirabel’s embroidery. 🤯#prouddad #encanto @DisneyAnimation https://t.co/cnfqcO4yu9

05:08 PM – 08 Dec 2021

Twitter: @thejaredbush


The area that the Madrigal family lives in was inspired by the Cocora Valley in Colombia. Both Jared and Bryan visited the area and fell in love with it.

Five weeks until #Encanto hits theaters!🦋✨One of the most spectacular areas @ByronPHoward and I visited in Colombia was the Cocora Valley. With undulating hills and 200 foot tall wax palms, we fell in love with this place and you’ll see nods to it throughout the movie.🌴🇨🇴❤️

01:43 PM – 20 Oct 2021

Twitter: @thejaredbush

They also used parts of the Chocó Rainforest, Caño Cristales, los Estoraques, Barichara, and Villa de Leyva to build out this world.

@Red_1963_ The location of the house is loosely based on the Cocora Valley in the coffee region, BUT we reference other parts of what makes Colombia beautiful as well: Chocó Rainforest, Caño Cristales, los Estoraques, and the town is reminiscent of Barichara and Villa de Leyva. 🇨🇴

01:58 PM – 12 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


If you look at Bruno’s tower in the very first Encanto teaser, you can see flashes of green light coming from it. This means he was having visions inside of it.

I get a lot of questions about Easter Eggs in #Encanto. One of my favorites was in the first piece of Encanto animation ever created. If you look closely at Bruno’s tower… you can see green flashes coming from his visions inside. 🐀⏳ https://t.co/wLU6ea3uL1

10:35 PM – 25 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


The first time Adassa, who voices Dolores, went in to record her verse for “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” Lin-Manuel was extremely impressed.

Cannot believe “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” just hit 100 MILLION views on YouTube. 🙏🎉 To celebrate, here’s the actual text @Lin_Manuel sent me the moment @adassaofficial first laid down that killer verse for fan favorite DOLORES.

06:39 AM – 19 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


The now Oscar-nominated song “Dos Oruguitas” is the first song Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote completeley in Spanish.

#DosOruguitas is the first song @Lin_Manuel has ever written beginning to end in Spanish – when he delivered it we were all in tears, then @SebastianYatra dropped the hammer with a beautiful vulnerable performance which created arguably the most emotional scene in #encanto 🦋❤️✨ https://t.co/gtmn1p29o5

06:23 PM – 06 Dec 2021

Twitter: @thejaredbush


And when he played it for everyone on Zoom, people had to turn their cameras off because they began sobbing.

The first time @Lin_Manuel played Dos Oruguitas we all had to turn off our zoom video because no one could keep it together. First song he’s ever written start to finish in Spanish and arguably one of the most emotional songs Lin-Manuel has ever written. #Encanto 🕯🦋✨ https://t.co/WSnR8iQVez

03:22 AM – 07 Nov 2021

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Same goes for Jared’s mom. He played the song for her prior to the film coming out and, like most of us, she couldn’t hold it together.

In two weeks, #Encanto will be yours. I only let my mom hear one song… “Dos Oruguitas” – one of the most beautiful songs @Lin_Manuel has ever written, and with such an emotional, vulnerable performance by @SebastianYatra – here’s my mom’s reaction when it ended. ❤️😭🦋✨

02:56 PM – 08 Nov 2021

Twitter: @thejaredbush


And as a not-so-fun fact, Abuelo Pedro is the same age that Sebastian Yatra was when he recorded the song.

One last #Encanto age detail for tonight… and the one that hits me the hardest… When Abuelo Pedro crosses the river, he is the exact age that @SebastianYatra was… when he recorded #DosOruguitas… for the scene at… the… river. 🕯❤️

04:35 AM – 09 Dec 2021

Twitter: @thejaredbush


The “tick tock” sound you hear under the words “grip, grip, grip” on “Surface Pressure” came from Lin-Manuel Miranda, who recorded that with his own voice as percussion in his demo. It ultimately stayed because the filmmakers loved it so much.

Hear the “tick tock” sound like a clock under the grip grip grip section? @Lin_Manuel recorded that with his own voice in his first demo as percussion and we loved it so much we made sure it stayed in forever! #encanto

10:37 PM – 30 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


The people who are circling/dancing around Mirabel during “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” are there because they are the ones weighing heaviest on her mind at the moment. Yes, even Señora Pezmuerto.

@noonemoved Explained in an early post… but the people circling Mirabel are the people she is thinking about at that specific moment and the stories they told. Like our own thoughts, they swirl around us when we are anxious.

08:49 PM – 29 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


The three kids who follow Mirabel around during “The Family Madrigal” have names that connect them back to a real-life person. Alejandra (left) is named after Alejandra Espinosa, who helped the filmmakers when it came to accurate Colombian representation. Pumped Juancho (middle) is named after Jose ‘Weecho’ Velasquez, the development artist who stitched Mirabel’s dress. Cecilia (right) was named after co-director/co-writer Charise Castro Smith’s daughter.

Answers! Left to right:
1) Alejandra – nod to our ⭐️ guide Alejandra Espinosa
2) ‘Pumped Juancho’ – originally “Weecho” but Juancho is more 🇨🇴 – nod to Jose “Weecho” Velasquez – look dev artist who STITCHED Mirabel’s dress
3) Cecilia – after @ChariseCastroS1’s baby girl! #encanto https://t.co/7lvCHrxQ2I

06:18 AM – 27 Dec 2021

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Jared’s son also did the original scratch vocals for Pumped Juancho (aka the caffeinated kid) and was ultimately replaced just two months before the film was released. It’s tough out here in Hollywood.

For two years coffee kid was scratch voiced by my son, Merrick. We only replaced his scratch about four months ago. I’m still making it up to him!! 🤣🤣🤣 #encanto https://t.co/NyQy4Au4lJ

10:09 PM – 30 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


The townsperson below who interacts with Abuela is named Lili as an ode to Liliana Valencia, who is an Afro Colombian journalist and worked as a consultant on the film.

Last tweet for today. Many have asked the name of this character. I think it should be Lili, as a nod to the friendship and collaboration of the incredible @EdnaLiliana_ who we never could’ve made #Encanto without. Many people are seeing themselves in this film because of her. ❤️

07:43 PM – 15 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


While in Colombia doing research, they were introduced to the musical group 200 de Cilantro, where they then fell in love with a 12-stringed guitar called a tiple. They later incorporated the tiple into the soundtrack.

4 weeks until #Encanto hits THEATERS! While in Colombia🇨🇴 we were treated to an evening with the group “200 de Cilantro” where we fell in love with the TIPLE – a 12-stringed guitar with a unique sound. Because of that night, the tiple is all over the #Encanto soundtrack!💛💙♥️

11:45 AM – 27 Oct 2021

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Many conspiracies went around that Mirabel lost her gift solely because she rubbed her hands on outfit before touching the doorknob as a kid, but Jared confirmed that is simply not true.

@lizzy2321 Ha, nope. I always read it as a character specific mannerism – love that so many people are diving into all of the mysteries though!

04:44 PM – 22 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


The golden doorknob that was handed to Mirabel at the end of the film took weeks to perfect because they wanted to get the shine and wear on it just right.

The doorknob!! We spent weeks figuring out the right level of shine and wear on the doorknob to make this moment feel right. Hats off to the incredible lighting teams who makes me cry every time. #encanto

11:30 PM – 30 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Angie Cepeda, who voices Julieta, is the only original cast member who voices her character in the English, Spanish, and Italian versions of the film.

Fun fact, @angiecepedaj brought such a deep warmth and authentic l emotion to Julieta, and if I’m not mistaken she is the only original cast member featured in THREE languages: Spanish, English and Italian. 🤯❤️ #Encanto https://t.co/HyGhLxIL67

01:56 AM – 31 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Joaquin Baldwin, who was the layout supervisor in Encanto, added the part in which Bruno scuba flops back into the the wall as a placeholder. It was so good that it was kept in the final version of the film.

So the amazing cinematography teams outdid themselves throughout the entire production. As part of that @joabaldwin added that beat where Bruno scuba flops back into the wall as a placeholder. It was sooo funny we had to keep it!! #encanto

11:09 PM – 30 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Bruno calls himself Hernando as an ode to Hernando Bahamon, who is a Colombian local and invited both Jared and co-director Bryon Howard over to his house for dinner.

Bruno calls himself “Hernando” as a shout out to our dear friend and collaborator @BahamonHernando – who invited us to his house in Colombia and treated @ByronPHoward and I to dinner with his family. I will never forget it. #Encanto

10:59 PM – 30 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Composer Germaine Franco had a marimba built in the Chocó region of Colombia and shipped to the US so she could play it and incorporate it into Encanto‘s score.

The MARIMBA you hear in this song is played by our extraordinary composer @germaine_franco – she had the marimba built in the Chocó region of Colombia and shipped to Los Angeles. #Encanto

10:27 PM – 30 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


The soundtrack had to be recorded under strict COVID protocols, so the orchestra was divided and recorded in different sections and on different days. They even spanned between Los Angeles and Colombia.

If you’re enjoying the #Encanto Soundtrack, what’s amazing is that for @germaine_franco’s gorgeous score we were in heavy COVID protocols, so the entire orchestra and choir had to be divided into sections and recorded different days. Here’s the LA choir, the other was in Bogotá!

04:48 PM – 20 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


It’s no secret that Encanto effectively explores generational trauma. Well, as part of the research process, the filmmakers spoke to psychologists, trauma counselors, mental health experts, family therapists, and dozens of families to make sure they got it right.

Love seeing this. Part of our multi-year research process for #Encanto included speaking with psychologists, trauma counselors, mental health experts, family therapists and dozens of families who helped us find the dynamics and struggles of the Madrigals.

02:54 PM – 18 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


During “The Family Madrigal,” right before Abuela comes in with her verse, you may not have noticed that the Madrigal family forms a “M” formation around her. Animator Jonah Sidhom also noted that working from home meant he had to use his bedsheets as a skirt reference.

Love how many people have seen Jonah’s incredible work here. The “M” formation??!! Can’t stress enough how much care this takes. We’ve never attempted so many key characters before! Thank you @JonahSidhom, all of the genius @DisneyAnimators and tech anim rockstars! #Encanto https://t.co/9POCc58qg1

01:42 PM – 15 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


When quarantine put the film on pause, Diane Guerrero, who voices Isabela, sent animation designers photos of food from her family in Colombia.

Such a joy working with the phenomenal @dianeguerrero__ – her character requires a very special person to play Isabela just right. And her singing?! 🤯 Plus, true story – when the quarantine grounded us, she sent pictures of food from her family in 🇨🇴 to our designers!❤️ #Encanto https://t.co/8EWj5Qo3Dr

06:34 PM – 26 Nov 2021

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Camilo’s name is both a play on the word chameleon, but also an ode to Camilo García, who took care of the Encanto team while they were in Colombia.

@IsamadrigaI Yup! Plus a shout out to our amazing guide @biokamikaze whose name is… Camilo! And who took such good care of us in Colombia.

01:53 AM – 29 Nov 2021

Twitter: @thejaredbush


The pointed design on Abuela Alma’s chair vs. everyone else’s rounded design (as well as its height) was purposefully made to show that she is in fact the matriarch and in charge.

@OneMoreSAHM You have a very observant 4-year-old!! Yes, different design on top and a little taller. The intent was to show that she was the head of the table. The matriarch.🕯

02:32 PM – 05 Feb 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Camilo doesn’t acquire another Madrigal family member’s gift when he shapeshifts into them.

@LaraMuozGonzle1 It’s a good question. Camilo doesn’t acquire their “magic” gifts, but makes sense that he’d acquire the “real world” strength of a person with Luisa’s build. 💪

02:07 PM – 04 Feb 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


In an early storyline, Camilo’s “default” form wasn’t his true form, and once he lost his gift, the family didn’t recognize who he was.

@girIwithlove Actually a great question. We played with that exact storyline years ago, where he reverted to his true self when the magic died and no one recognized him. But ultimately the moment had to be about Mirabel, so we didn’t pursue it.

04:40 PM – 22 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


The emerald glass Bruno creates is made from “emerald dust” in the sand.

@Yung_Thane Emerald dust in the sand that becomes what we called “emerald glass” during production – and took a lot of geniuses to figure out!

06:32 AM – 03 Feb 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


The interior of Abuela’s room in the casita is a replica of the room she had in her old home before her village was destroyed.

Twitter: @thejaredbush


The Madrigal family gifts aren’t chosen at random, they each reflect innate personality traits the family members already had as kids.

@prim_weasley Guess it’s almost time for another Q&A twitter hour!😬 Good question – important to note that the gifts aren’t random, they are born out of innate personality and family perceptions, so even at age 5 Julieta was already a caregiver & she probably healed someone on the spot.🕯✨

02:11 AM – 08 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Mirabel doesn’t know much about Bruno because she was 5 years old when he “left.”

@Queso_Cachapa She was very young and had just turned 5 when he left. But BEFORE that, he was already distant from the family and kept to himself, so very limited interaction. Afterwards no one talked about him. So Mirabel probably has tiny memories, but nothing substantial. 😉❤️

01:46 AM – 03 Jan 2022

Twitter: @thejaredbush


Antonio already knew all about Bruno prior to meeting him because the rats had already told Antonio about him off camera.

@anzelsilver SPOILERS****

Yes, Antonio offers his room after Bruno’s rats explained Bruno’s TRUE story (off camera). In “All of You” Antonio is telling Camilo “THAT’S Bruno” – as in, the real Bruno and he’s my pal now.

03:58 AM – 30 Dec 2021

Twitter: @thejaredbush


It also took a team of 800 people to put the entire film together.

800 people poured their hearts into this story for FIVE years – the last two years from our homes – so happy and proud it resonated with you – so grateful to all of @DisneyAnimation for making magic happen. #Encanto https://t.co/BMwaSSkgd8

08:18 PM – 24 Nov 2021

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The official wrap on the film’s script was in August of 2021, just three months before it premiered.

We’ve worked five years for this moment. So immensely proud of this story. @Lin_Manuel, you’ve outdone yourself. @ChariseCastroS1, you are the soul of this film and I am in awe of your wonderful brain, big heart and cool glasses. Today is an official writing WRAP on #Encanto.❤️🦋

03:08 PM – 17 Aug 2021

Twitter: @thejaredbush

And finally, the entire picture wrapped in September, just one month before it premiered. Keep in mind, post-production still had a lot of work to do on their end after this.

The miracle workers @DisneyAnimation pulled off the impossible. Picture is WRAPPED for #Encanto – which means Lighting, Tech anim, FX, story, environments, Layout. Crowds. Animation. WRAPPED. Still work in post and many people still cranking. But I am in awe. Thank you. 🙏👏❤️🦋

08:02 PM – 25 Sep 2021

Twitter: @thejaredbush

In conclusion, it took a village of many dedicated people to create such a thoughtfully made film and it came out — dare I say — magical. Keep tweeting those fun facts Jared!