All The Shady Tweets Twitters CEO Liked During The Facebook Outage

Jack woke up this morning and chose violence.

Meanwhile, over at Twitter, which has (mostly) been working just fine today, CEO Jack Dorsey has been tweeting — and liking some funny and shady tweets about — his competitor’s misfortune.

It started this morning when Jack inquired about the cost of the domain, which appeared to have been listed for sale.

Twitter: @jack

And he continued by suggesting people use Signal, an encrypted instant messaging service, instead of WhatsApp.

Twitter: @jack

But the mischief didn’t stop there. Here are some of the other funny/shady tweets Jack liked during the outage.


And finally, he also liked this tweet, which, while not shady and definitely not funny, underscores the effect today’s outage could have on small businesses that rely on the platforms for advertising:

If you think WhatsApp and Facebook being down is no big deal, you’re definitely not running a small business in an emerging market!

04:20 PM – 04 Oct 2021

Twitter: @francispouliot_

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