“American Horror Story” Season 10 Has A New Trailer, And What The Actual Heck Is Going On

“Science Fiction, OoOoOh, Double Feature.” —Ryan Murphy, probably.

Y’all, I think we can all agree that few TV shows do marketing* quite like American Horror Story does marketing.


*And by “do marketing,” I mean “give me nightmares with their weird-ass, scary-as-all-heck imagery.”

Seriously, would you just look at this photo? LOOK AT IT, WOULD YOU?! This photo is on a massive billboard on my route home! I pass by it EVERY DAY! It’s burned into my brain!!!

Sink your teeth into #AHSDoubleFeature. Coming August 25 on FX, streaming next day #FXonHulu. #AmericanHorrorSummer

05:00 PM – 24 Jun 2021


ANYWAY, the new season finally has a full-length trailer, and I’m still no closer to understanding what’s going on OR getting a good night’s sleep! Check it out:

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Now, as the title may suggest, the 10th season of AHS includes a beloved midnight movie trope: a “Double Feature.” So this single season will be divided into two separate stories, with this first tale of terror titled Red Tide.

And from this trailer alone, the story is giving off major The Shining vibes, following a struggling writer (Finn Wittrock), his pregnant wife (Lily Rabe), and their young daughter (Ryan Kiera Armstrong) as they head out to the scariest location possible: Provincetown, Massachusetts.

However, it appears that (like with all the families on this TV show) this family’s never seen a horror movie in their lives, so everyone’s shocked when things start to get real weird REAL QUICK.

This trailer genuinely does a great job of being unsettling as all heck without giving away too much. Like, real talk, I’m still not totally confident in what’s going on here, but sign me up!

Plus, the stellar cast is a true stable of AHS staples, including the likes of Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman, and Angelica Ross.

OH, and this season also includes a new-but-very-familiar-face: Macaulay Culkin! There’s a Home Alone pun here that I’m sure I’m missing!

So, uh, yeah! There ya have it! Be sure to check out the 10th season of American Horror Story when it premieres on FX August 25!

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