Australians Are Both Terrified And Outraged That People Carried Nooses And Trump Flags At An Anti-Vax Protest In Melbourne

Posted 6 minutes ago

“Is this really who we [Australia] have become and who we [Australia] want to be?”

This weekend, thousands of Australians stormed Melbourne’s CBD to protest against mandatory vaccinations and Daniel Andrews’ proposed pandemic laws for Victoria.

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The new government legislation — which will replace the state-of-emergency powers that expire on December 15 — would give the state premier the authority to declare a “state of pandemic” and the health minister the right to make public health orders.

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During the protest, anti-vax demonstrators chanted “kill the bill” and “sack Dan Andrews” while holding signs advocating violence against politicians and policymakers.

A man was even seen carrying a prop gallows with three nooses hanging from it, resulting in Australians voicing their outrage and terror on social media over the levels of violence that the anti-vax movement is advocating for.

Someone in the crowd is carrying a fake gallows with three nooses hanging from it @theage

01:28 AM – 13 Nov 2021

Twitter: @rachael_dexter

Beyond disgusting, what is happening to our nation ? The noose is one of the most confronting images throughout history & here it is on Melbourne streets in 2021? Are the protestors really so ignorant ? Are they advocating violence/murder ?

12:42 PM – 13 Nov 2021

Twitter: @JudyRGH

Trump flags were also seen at the Melbourne protest, leading some to draw comparisons to the January 6 Insurrection, where a mob of rioters carried Confederate flags, hung nooses and paraded white supremacist symbols as they breached the Capitol.

@MikeCarlton01 Trump flags and 3 noose effigy is shocking to the senses. A 20 min train ride to Melbourne in a carriage full of them, unmasked, angry, intimidating. Left me shocked.

10:50 AM – 13 Nov 2021

Twitter: @JennyWeedon

A former policeman and United Australia MP, Craig Kelly, was among the many who spoke and pushed anti-vax rhetoric at the protest, with Kelley saying that: “We’re [Australians] being governed by insane medical bureaucrats.”

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As of yet, there has been no comment about the noose, nor the protests, from prime minister Scott Morrison.

We encourage all Australians to remain safe and continue following the government’s advice regarding COVID-19.