Beanie Feldstein Is Going To Star In “Funny Girl” On Broadway, And The Lea Michele Memes Are Quite Something

Don’t rain on her parade.

Good news: Beanie Feldstein will be starring in a Broadway revival of Funny Girl in 2022!

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The musical is about the life of Broadway star Fanny Brice, her unlikely rise to fame, and her relationship with husband Nicky Arnstein. The show originally opened in 1964 and starred none other than Barbra Streisand.

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Beanie called the casting a “lifelong dream come true,” especially as she had a Funny Girl–themed party when she was 3 years old. Plus, Beanie has been singing in musicals since the age of 5 — and originally aimed to have her career on Broadway instead of in movies.

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However, another name started trending on Twitter when the news hit…Lea Michele.

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Why? Well, for one, Funny Girl was pretty integral to Lea’s character on Glee — she sings “Don’t Rain on my Parade” in Season 1 Sectionals and her character later stars in the Broadway revival.

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At least for a bit, before leaving to do That’s So Rachel…yeah.

However, the connection isn’t just fictional! A potential Lea Michele–led Funny Girl revival was swirling around for a few years, and Lea herself said in 2017, “I did a concert in Central Park…I did like nine Funny Girl songs and turned to Ryan [Murphy] and I was like, OK, I’m ready to do it. It’s a lot of work and it would be an honor to do it. But if I’m going to go back [to Broadway] that’s what I’d really like to do.”

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thinking about how lea michele cried because she learned spanish for her west side story audition and didn’t get the lead. someone check on her

06:15 PM – 11 Aug 2021

Twitter: @kgleeb

This is true, BTW — she told Cosmo in 2017, “I’m friends with Idina Menzel, and I remember crying to her, being like, ‘What am I going to do? This was my dream role, I have to play this part.’”

Lea herself didn’t comment on the news, but seems to be generally chillin’ by the beach.

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