Benefits of Link Exchange For Website Promotion


If you are really serious about your website promotion then you should know that reciprocal link exchange with other well placed websites of similar content increases the website traffic and it also enhances the placement of your website listing in many other search engines. Reciprocal links are proving to be a most economical and dynamic form of website promotion.

Everyone is aware of the importance of reciprocal linking but very little has been written about it. There are so many advantages of building a links network. Linking should be the foundation of the sites traffic as they serve markets of enthusiasts, like sports or hobbies or those having large number of directory sites. It is the most efficient way of driving website traffic.

Some of these benefits of link exchange for website promotion are listed below.

o Many websites are looking for the traffic generated by pay per click website, and due to this the cost to the advertiser will raise. So reciprocal links cost you nothing but the time to submit URL’s and other important details.

o Reciprocal links are not relied upon single point of control like other sources of traffic, hence they represent fail safe network.

o ‘Branding’ effect of your name will be greater if you have more links. The click through ratio of your links can be improved by broad awareness. Your sites name comes up everywhere which makes surfer curious.

o Reciprocal links are extremely stable as they are gained through link exchange partners.

o Publicity is the main factor for website promotion. An industry specific press release is equivalent to the act of asking for the link from another site, where payoff can be of long term. Anything can come your way from making your market aware, if you are having a new and unique product.

Established links give free traffic but earning those links is not free. It takes lot of time and patience to build a link network. Many websites offer this service and cost you some money. Many webmasters are interested in internet promotion through reciprocal linkage.


Source by Thanate Tan