“Derry Girls” Had A Flashback Episode, And We Definitely Need A Prequel

Ma Mary and Aunt Sarah were the blueprint.

As I’m sure you’re aware, we’re heading closer and closer to the end of Derry Girls.

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All good things must come to an end, I guess.

We’ll be saying bye to the girls next week, but Erin, Orla, and the rest of the gang were in last night’s episodes – it was all about the mums!

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The mums have been a hilarious staple since the first episode, but this time we got to see how they get down when the kids aren’t around.

It was their school reunion, and there was a flashback that took us back to ’77 – the year of their leaver’s prom – and honestly, it was the backstory we didn’t know we needed.

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Not only was the casting impeccable, but the throwback episode showed us just how much all the girls take after their hilarious mams.

Erin is exactly like young Mary – from the dreams of making a mark on the world to the obsession with boys, and Sarah looked flawless (as usual) and was as carefree as ever.

Naturally, they all went to Our Lady Immaculate too, and the ‘70s equivalent of Sister Michael was just as terrifying.

Michelle’s mum Diedre was a punk, which just makes so much sense.

Just like Claire, young Geraldine was the group’s resident worrier.

And because it isn’t Derry Girls without an honorary boy thrown in, the girls were joined by Diedre’s American Cousin Rob, who was treated with about the same amount of respect that James gets.

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Which is not that much at all – he’s actually Canadian, proving that when it comes to guys, Derry Girls just don’t care.

Oh, and in a surprising twist, Jenny’s mum was also part of the crew.

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But Jeanette Joyce (formerly O’Shea) had since married a surgeon, started using fancy words like “brunch,” and they’d not spoken to her in years, which is way less of a surprise. Fun fact: the surgeon O’Shea was played by writer Lisa McGee’s husband!

And of course young Grandpa showed up, as protective as ever.

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As this was pre Jerry, he didn’t have anyone to make digs at, so he just waited for the girls outside

On their last night as students, the gang were determined to make the moment last forever, getting themselves into some shenanigans that felt oh so familiar.

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And the mums totally proved they’re the OG Derry Girls.

You’d think looking from the outside in that a throwback episode with the parents would be a show running out of ideas but my god that was one of the best of the season 👏 #DerryGirls

08:45 PM – 10 May 2022

Twitter: @ShayP_M

And if we weren’t already in our feelings about the show ending, the adorable dedication at the end was enough to set us off.

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The mum’s chaotic shenanigans prove that a prequel would basically write itself, and it’s what the people want!

If tonight’s #DerryGirls ends up being a backdoor pilot for a spin-off, I’d be here for it. Every one of them captured the mannerisms of their counterparts perfectly. Honestly, just not ready for it to end.

08:47 PM – 10 May 2022

Twitter: @ian_sandwell

What did you think of the Derry Girls flashback episode? Would you watch more of the mums in their teen years? Let us know in the comments!