Doctors, Nurses, And Patients Are All Sharing Things That Need To Be De-Normalized In Health Care

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Wait times, letting patients sleep, debt, etc.

Recently, doctor-activist and MD @DrBryanLeyva asked people, “What should we denormalize in health care?” Doctors, nurses, medical staff, and lay people came through with some pretty spot-on examples of what needs to be denormalized in health care.

Twitter: @DrBryanLeyva


The perception/name of “birth control”:

I’d like to replace the word “birth control” with something that more accurately conveys how much of a medical necessity hormonal BC can be for mental/physical health

Everyone should fuck if they feel like it but it’s very often more than just the “fuck if you feel like it” drug

03:19 AM – 30 Sep 2021

Twitter: @nocksers


Health care worker burnout:

@DrBryanLeyva Labeling burnout as an individual problem and requiring the healthcare workforce to engage in self-care, healing, and recovery from burnout during personal time instead of building it in to the workday.

03:19 AM – 30 Sep 2021

Twitter: @KristiWhitePhD


Explaining medical issues in clinical jargon:

@DrBryanLeyva Explaining things to patients in clinical language only. I had early stage thyroid cancer and related surgery about 5 yrs ago. Recently a scan came up with a “false positive” for a possible recurrence. My doctor explained this to me in very clinical language. It was unhelpful.

02:46 AM – 30 Sep 2021

Twitter: @karen_eggleson



@DrBryanLeyva Fatphobia/conflating weight and health, disbelieving patients when their conditions are difficult to diagnose, allowing ableism/implicit bias to color assumptions about quality of life, providing mental health treatment that ignores structural oppression.

02:52 AM – 30 Sep 2021

Twitter: @maureen_brookes


This list:

@DrBryanLeyva Denormalize:
Dismissing women’s pain
Using hormonal birth control as a panacea
Assuming overweight is the cause of rather than the result of patients’ symptoms
Calling symptoms psychosomatic or “just stress”

03:03 AM – 30 Sep 2021

Twitter: @MrsAPriori


Debilitating period pain:

@DrBryanLeyva That periods are meant to be painful, they aren’t. They arn’t meant to interfear with your day to day life.

That endometriosis is a gynaecological disease, it is systemic chronic pain condition and extra-pelvic endo is far more common than drs believe it is.

02:59 AM – 30 Sep 2021

Twitter: @curexcomplex


Discharging patients with inadeqate wound supplies:

@DrBryanLeyva Denormalize discharging patients w/out wound care supplies & thoroughly understood instructions.

02:36 AM – 30 Sep 2021

Twitter: @medickimw


Dismissing chronic pain:

@DrBryanLeyva Dismissing the pain of people with chronic pain. Also, dismissing legitimate medical issues in people living with mental illness.

03:02 AM – 30 Sep 2021

Twitter: @kobwolfe


Not listening to Black patients:

@DrBryanLeyva @TheRealNubian2 Not listening to black patients when they tell HCW’s they’re in pain or that something is not right with them.

03:26 AM – 30 Sep 2021

Twitter: @alexiamizell_


Having the patient undress BEFORE talking to them:

@DrBryanLeyva Having patients get undressed and draped to converse, then doing the exam.
Conversation should occur first, while dressed. Then, if necessary, patients change for exam.

02:57 AM – 30 Sep 2021

Twitter: @MrsAPriori


And lastly, when patients can’t pay their bills and have to go into:

Twitter: @Dracogen

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