Dolly Parton Is Hands Down The Best Famous Person On Twitter, And Here Are 26 Iconic Tweets If You Dont Believe Me

“Fiddle me this! That was a joke y’all — hope I made ya laugh!”


When she jumped in on the “distracted boyfriend” meme and put her own “Jolene” spin on it:

Twitter: @DollyParton


When she wasn’t afraid to dig into her photo archives and tweet something hilariously petty:

Twitter: @DollyParton / Ricke Hester


When she wished her husband a happy birthday by dressing up in a Playboy bunny suit:

Twitter: @DollyParton


When she did a funny “who wore it best?” outfit competition with RuPaul:

Twitter: @DollyParton / WENN Rights / Alamy


When she retweeted fellow country music queen Reba McEntire and made a funny drinking joke:

Twitter: @DollyParton


When she celebrated that good old Friday feeling with a classic GIF of her dancing on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson:

Twitter: @DollyParton


When she couldn’t help but make fun of her iconic hairstyle from her early music days in the ’60s:

Twitter: @DollyParton


When she had her say on that dramatic day in October when Facebook *and* Instagram were down:

Everyone showing up to @Twitter today while @Facebook @instagram @WhatsApp are down like…

06:21 PM – 04 Oct 2021

Twitter: @DollyParton


When she had a full-blown conversation with the one and only Ted Lasso:

You’re too sweet, @TedLasso! I heard you left some @AFCRichmond tickets at will call under my name? 😉

09:47 PM – 29 Sep 2021

Twitter: @DollyParton


When she sprinkled some positive Dolly wisdom because that’s what she does best:

Twitter: @DollyParton


When she filmed herself getting her COVID-19 vaccine shot and sang a funny remix of “Jolene” that truly fit the mood:

Twitter: @DollyParton


When she had the perfect images to emulate the “Me on LinkedIn vs. Facebook vs. Instagram vs. Tinder” meme:

Twitter: @DollyParton


When she shared a still from her Dolly & Carol in Nashville special with Carol Burnett and made a cute ‘n’ goofy meme out of it:

Twitter: @DollyParton


When she participated in the “thigh-high boots” meme, and the result was flawlessly perfect:

Twitter: @DollyParton / Lilifilm Official


When she used one of her many famous archive photos to show off just how beautiful and fabulous she’s always been:

Twitter: @DollyParton


When she wished the public a happy Galentine’s Day from the most iconic musical trio ever: Dolly, Linda Ronstadt, and Emmylou Harris:

Twitter: @DollyParton


When she shared this ’70s clip of her singing “Love Will Keep Us Together” to lift people’s spirits up:

Twitter: @DollyParton


When she revealed a behind-the-scenes picture of her and Jane Fonda on the set of 9 to 5 wearing fancy schmancy dresses:

Twitter: @DollyParton


When she complimented SNL cast member Melissa Villaseñor on her Dolly impression on Weekend Update:

Twitter: @DollyParton


When she wished her 5 million+ followers a happy Halloween with this adorable pumpkin picture:

Twitter: @DollyParton


When she shared this TRULY legendary picture of her with Oprah, Julie Andrews, and Carol Burnett with the caption “squad goals”:

Twitter: @DollyParton


And when she posted this picture of her looking ever-so-glamorous with the caption “act natural”:

Twitter: @DollyParton