Effective Techniques Increase Website Traffic


Who Doesn’t Want To Increase Website Traffic For Their Business?

To increase website traffic effectively is a blueprint for financial success. Learn how to build, develop and promote your own business the right way.

3 Step Blueprint For Success

1) Analyze Objectives

What are your business website goals?

Who will be your target market?

Age group and gender of prospects?

Your financial budget for promoting business?

Preference for website theme or model?

Who will be your major competitors?

How do you plan to build traffic?

What specifically makes them your competitor?

Do your prospects have certain needs or expectations?

Type of products or services to offer?

What makes your business unique from anyone else?

2) Website Design

Determine what kind of look and feel that you want your website to portray.

What will be your business logo or image? Your logo or brand should be a consistent theme throughout all of your products, printed ad material, and website.

Your website should be well organized and structured in a logical manner, to make navigation easy and quick.

All of your benefits and features should be highlighted throughout the subcategories and table of contents, to let people know in a glance what’s available to them.

The webpages should be able to load within 12 seconds. Anything longer than this is impractical, and should be considered in the overall design and plan of your business site.

3)Website Content

This should always be relevant information, that’s laid out short and sweet and to the point.

Content also needs to be optimized properly for the search engines, in order to gain popular rank and placement. Ideally, this is accomplished through competitive keywords and meta tags.

Diligent research is absolutely necessary, which means determining which search terms are in high demand with low supply.

Check out all the optimization tips for each search engine that you plan on submitting your website to.

Always use effective and catchy titles for your html pages. Categorize your products and give them their own page. Be on the alert for any broken links, and correct accordingly.

Attractive designs and layouts, with easy navigation system and relevant useful content, will encourage and interest your visitors to browse through your site.

Increase Website Traffic Strategies

Publish your website in eBook format, and put it on CD-Rom, and include it in your direct marketing campaign.

Invite visitors to give away your freebies to visitors at their own websites.

Join Traffic Exchange Programs to promote your website through traffic generation.

Participate in discussion forums and message boards and blogs, to let other webmasters and marketers know who you are.

Offer a gift or bonus in exchange for someone’s testimonial that you can use as a means of giving your products and services some credential.

Search Engine Marketing

Include relevant keywords:

Heading Tags

Meta Tags

Title Tag

Body of Content

OnPage Links

Promotion Opt-In Offers

Offer something of value in exchange for someone to give you their name, email address, and permission for you to contact them with emails.

This form of email marketing is permission based, inexpensive, and great for building an email client list that you can promote via through ezines, white paper, newsletters, reports, articles, and so forth.

Word press Plugins

1) Permalink Plugin

These are for a 301 permanent redirect; and allows you to point to the same entry or archive with or without the trailing slash, going against what a search engine such as Google would recommend.

2) RSS Power Plus

Each post goes to the RSS directories and submits the feed for the post, consequently resulting in an instant and automatic backlink from an authority site.

3) SEO Title Plugin

Allows total customization of page titles to each page. One can also craft their own keyword focused upon a unique page title.

4) Google Site Map Plugin

This one helps a site to get indexed as it progressively builds and develops.

Create a directory of websites in an e-book format

Sell advertisement space in your ebook, or on your website

Submit your eBook to freebie and free download websites. Benefit from all of the free advertising that comes thereof.

Issue a news announcement or press release of the opening of your new business, or new product and/or service.

Link Building Techniques

Back links, inbound links, reciprocal links, free links are all vital to the search engines determining your website as popular. This not only gives you a page rank, but also helps you increase your website traffic.

Be sure not to link your website to bad websites, link farms or irrelevant websites.

One of the best ways to start getting links, is to write articles such as this one and submit them to article directories. You can write about anything that you’re knowledgeable about – – but a great idea would be to write testimonials for products, services or tools that you’ve used.

Have you thought about writing a review article for your own website? This could portray all of the benefits and features of what your site offers.

Article Marketing

Show yourself as an expert in your field by writing and publishing articles about your knowledge and skills.

There are many article directories to choose from, but the best way to locate them is to do a current search for the top article directories.

VRE ToolBar will even show you their Alexia Rating and Google Pagerank.

Here are some of the more popular article directories:










One of the best techniques for building traffic is to give free stuff away.

Everyone loves freebies!





Screen Savers

White Papers



CD Roms, CD’s or DVD’s

Software Downloads

Start-up Packages

Business Card Templates


These are marketing sites with unique urls and content focus, that’s separate from any main web site.

They provide micro-targeted messaging, which target customers with messages that are relevant only to them.

Factors to consider when setting up a mircosite:

– Search engine optimize with keyword focus, title tags, image tags, meta tags, easy navigation structure, keyword anchor links, etc.

– Provide your visitors a site map so that they can quickly and easily find what they are looking for. That goes for the search engines as well.

– Aside from quality content, use plenty of video, audio, text, PDF and so forth.

– Use bullet comments, charts, graphs, product photos and so on to draw the readers attention.

– Offer a mobile-friendly version of your website to anyone who might be interested.

Joint Venture Giveaway Events

These JV Events are excellent for building your opt-in email list, to generate traffic flow, build links, download free gifts, and promote your offers for free.

This is where several webmasters get together as contributors, and offer freebies to everyone’s opt-in list.

The gifts can be anything from free software downloads to free e-books.

Step-By-Step For JV Events

1) Check out all available JV Giveaway Events

2) Sign up for events and download the free products

3) Create your own product to give away

4) Sign up for Aweber list building service account

5) Submit product (s) to every JV Giveaway Event

6) Watch your mailing list start to grow

7) Build relationships with your email list, and recommend new products to them for affiliate sales.

Offline Strategies

TV Commercials



Radio Ads

Yellow Page Ads

Business Brochures

Sign Displays

Local Newspaper Ads

Small Business Cards

Vehicle Decals or Bumper Stickers

Host Seminars or Speeches

Printed Ads such as Posters, Sales Letters, or Brochures

Traffic Generating Tips

1) Offer solutions to people who are in need.

2) Use bullet points or numbers to highlight all benefits.

3) Personalize emails, and use your email signature.

4) Elicit testimonials from those who have used your products.

5) Use catchy title and attention grabbing headlines.

6) Invite people to invite their friends to your website.

7) Ask visitors to bookmark your site, or make it their homepage.

8) Utilize feed burner headline animator blocks.

9) Never copy or paste content from other sites.

10) Always proofread your text for typos or improper grammar.

11) Use focused content based upon major keywords.

12) Don’t ever spam or solicit another person or website.

Good Sales Copy Sells

To motivate people to buy from you, is easy if you know how to write persuasive copy.

– Use 3 to 5 keyword phrases on any one page

– Place keywords in page headings, subheadings, and bulleted points

– Write page summaries with keywords at the top of page

– Again, remember to give them a catchy headline

– Show them how your product or service solves their problem or need. Establish why you are unique and better than someone else. Make them feel like they need only your products

– Building a successful marketing campaign that effectively promotes your products and services begins with preparation, research and dedication.

– Stay focused and updated on all the latest trends so that you can adjust accordingly.

Success In Increasing Your Website Traffic!


Source by Robert C Milne