“Give Them $1,200” And 19 Other Hilarious Reactions To The US Running Out Of Money

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“Give them $1200, that should be more than enough.”

The pandemic and effects of COVID-19 have taken a financial hit on many across the US – including, apparently, the US itself.

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CNN recently reported that unless Congress raises the debt ceiling, the US will run out of money by October 18, which could tank the markets and economy.

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According to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, our trusty ole government has been spending $50 billion dollars per day OVER the amounts paid last year. 

And because the internet is the internet, people have been coping with this potentially devastating news by doing what they do best – cracking jokes. Here are some of the most-liked jabs at the US’ hole-punched wallet:


The US government wondering why they ran out of money after spending 10 bajabilionquintillion dollars on the military https://t.co/qPezuE1mU7

08:30 PM – 28 Sep 2021

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