Hailee Steinfeld Just Found Out Anya Taylor-Joy Tripped On Her Dress At The Met Gala And Almost Fell Down The Steps, And Now I Desperately Need Them To Meet

“I got caught up in her skirt.”

Everyone knows the annual Met Gala is the one event where celebrities get to truly experiment with their style and, throughout the years, the looks have become more and more extravagant.

And when you’re surrounded by long dresses, someone’s bound to trip, right? Well, that was almost the case for Anya Taylor-Joy at the 2018 Met Gala.

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“One of my favorite memories from the Met is the lovely Hailee Steinfeld, who I have not met yet, she had a very long dress and she didn’t see me…,” Anya said during a recent interview with British Vogue.

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“…and she walked past, and I got caught up in her skirt and I was really going to topple straight down the stairs.”

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But thankfully before that happened, an arm quickly quickly grabbed her, and saved her from embarrassment. She revealed her guardian angel on those steps was none other than Jimmy Fallon.

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“I was like, ‘Thanks!’ Like, ‘Wow! That was an intense two-minutes!’ You know, I thought I was going to die and then Jimmy Fallon saved me. So thanks, Jimmy Fallon.”

And even though it appeared to be a huge ordeal, Hailee seemingly had no idea it even happened. After watching the interview, Hailee responded on Twitter saying this:

Not me being the possible cause of sending Anya Taylor Joy down that colossal staircase…🤦🏻‍♀️ Thank god for Jimmy Fallon & honestly thank god for you ATJ… I can’t wait to properly meet!!! x

04:28 AM – 24 Mar 2022

Hailee Steinfeld

Please, somebody get these two in the same room again so we can hear more stories like this! But until that happens, be sure to watch Anya’s full interview with British Vogue below:

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