Harry Styles Sure Knows How To Make His Fans Feel Hella Satisfied, And Here Are 25 Concert Moments From 2021 To Prove It

He literally barked like a dog in the middle of a song after he saw a sign that read, “Bark if you see this.”

If you don’t know by now, Harry Styles has been performing all across the US on his Love on Tour tour since September 2021.

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And because Harry Styles is Harry Styles, he’s been nothing but a perfect cutie patootie to his fans at his shows. Whether he’s reacting to a hilarious handmade sign or borrowing a fan’s pride flag to dance around with, he’s totally been on his A game — so, here are some of Harry’s most wholesome moments from his 2021 tour (so far):


When Harry congratulated a couple for getting engaged while he was performing the One Direction hit “What Makes You Beautiful” in Detroit.

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When the audience sang, “Do you know who you are?” at his show in Las Vegas, and he showed love for them by singing back, “I do when I’m with you!”

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When he checked a fan’s boyfriend for making fun of her height and said, “She’s not too short — she’s, like, a normal-person height. You’re just taller than everyone else.”


When he read a sign from a fan that said, “Should I text him?” and gave her the most down-to-earth advice, and even quoted a famous line from The Notebook while doing so.

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When Harry reacted to a fan’s hilarious sign with a punny joke, “What do you call a sad strawberry? A blueberry!!” by saying, “That’s so good.”

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When a fan wanted his help convincing her boyfriend to propose, and he responded in the cheekiest way: “How long have you guys been together? Seven years? I can’t help you. Just give her what she wants!”

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When Harry did his legendary shoulder shimmy move from his One Direction days.


When Harry gracefully wished a fan “Happy birthday” at a show in August, even though their birthday was two months earlier.

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When Harry pointed out a concert goer who didn’t seem to be having fun, and asked what he could be doing to make the show better.

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When Harry played Rock Paper Scissors with a fan before breaking out into “Only Angel.”

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When he read a huuuuuge fan’s sign out loud that read, “Hit me with your tour bus,” and he responded in the most mindful, Harry Styles way possible.

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When he wore adorable Minnie Mouse ears and rested his chin on his hands ever-so-cutely during a performance of “Canyon Moon.”

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When he sang, “Do you know who you are?” to his audience, and when some folks had trouble answering, he responded with, “That’s OK; we’re all figuring it out.”

When Harry barked like a dog in the middle of performing “Canyon Moon” because he read a sign that said, “Bark if you see this.”


When someone threw a Harry Styles doll onstage, and he kept it with him near his microphone for the rest of the show.

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When he politely asked a fan to use their pride flag at his show in Chicago, and he happily danced around with it onstage.

Via tattooedlovers.tumblr.com

When Harry caught a fan dressed up like him when he worked as a baker, and he made fun of her dance moves in the wittiest way.


When Harry coyly revealed his nipple onstage after seeing an LGBTQ audience sign that read, “Pop a titty for the she/theys.”

Via loulovehome.tumblr.com


When Harry recognized a fan from his 2017 Harry Styles: Live on Tour tour in the audience, and asked if she had gotten a haircut since then.

Via tattooedlovers.tumblr.com

When he asked a fan what kind of drink she was having, and he joked that he’d wait for her to finish it before he performed his next song.


When he stopped his show in Nashville to help a fan do a “gender reveal,” and did his best fake cry to show how emotionally invested he was in the whole thing.

Harry Styles doing the ultimate gender reveal. #HSLOTNashville
“A little baby girl”
“That’s what I wanted..is that what you wanted?”

03:39 AM – 30 Sep 2021

@calamity_vol6_ / Via Twitter: @calamity_vol6_

When he politely took a picture of the audience with a fan’s disposable camera from the stage and threw it right back to them.

And when a fan crocheted a beautiful sunflower for Harry, and he continued to hang it near his microphone during most of his shows throughout the tour.

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