Here Are 25 Couple Moments Between Zendaya And Tom Holland To Boost Your Serotonin

With great couples comes great appreciation.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is an emotional rollercoaster that no one was prepared for.

However, I am here to help alleviate your heavy hearts with one of the most iconic duos to come out of the MCU: Zendaya and Her Boyfriend*!

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*I’m being glib, I know his name is Tom Holland. 

Zendaya and Tom have blessed us with MANY adorable moments over the years, so please enjoy this sweet roundup of the most precious ones — just in case you’re in an emotional spiral and need a boost of serotonin.


When Tom shared his first magazine cover with Zendaya and thanked her in the caption:


When Tom showed the proper appreciation for Zendaya’s “Heavenly Bodies” Met Gala look:


When Tom shared his inaugural birthday IG post for his then-BFF-now-GF Zendaya:


When Tom shared his second annual Zendaya b-day post and melted hearts everywhere:


Don’t fret, because she shared hers, too:


Aaaannnd his third annual photo:


Aaaannnnd her third annual:


And, of course, when Tom broke the internet when he hit us with the “My MJ”:


And when Zendaya broke it right back when she hit us with the “My Spider-Man”:


When Tom big-upped Zendaya for winning the CFDA Fashion Icon Award:


Also when Tom big-upped Zendaya at the world premiere of Dune:


When the above tribute resulted in this emoji exchange:


When Zendaya shared this #TB, just ’cause:


When Zendaya gave all the love and appreciation to her Day One hype man:


When Tom — after mentioning that he went to visit Zendaya on set about 30 times — lamented about not being an extra on Euphoria:

Tom Holland when asked if he’d ever do a cameo in #Euphoria: “I’ve been asking for this for a long time. And it hasn’t happened yet, and I’m very disappointed. I must have visited the set 30 times this season.”

10:54 PM – 16 Dec 2021

IMBD / Twitter: @FilmUpdates

Fingers crossed for Season 3!


When Tom and Zendaya told their fun height difference anecdote on The Graham Norton Show and gave us the meme of the year:


“It’s nice being caught for a change.” You’re right, it is nice, Tom! 


When Tom stopped mid-interview to watch Zendaya arrive on the red carpet:

Entertainment Tonight

“I think Zendaya just showed up.” GET YOU A MAN LIKE THIS! 


When Tom and Zendaya looked adorable at a friend’s wedding together — one of the few times we’ve seen the duo together, but not for press:


When Timothée Chalamet put Zendaya on blast when he revealed that Tom Holland was her celebrity crush:


When Tom — who admits that he isn’t great at social media — tagged Zendaya in an…interesting…location:


When Tom remembered Zendaya’s favorite candy:


Well…close enough! But still precious, nonetheless.  


When this video of Tom and Zendaya re-entered the chat:

Since that clip of Tom Holland and Deja Carter is going viral again I thought I’d just let y’all know that there’s a vid of the two of them dancing with Zendaya too 😍

10:17 PM – 05 Jul 2019


Tom really said, “I’m sorry for drippin’, but drippin’ is what I do.”


When Tom accidentally bodied us — us being BuzzFeed — by calling them BuzzQueed Fizzes and Zendaya comforted him in the most precious way:

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My heart. I cannot deal. 


Lastly, when Tom and Zendaya made their red carpet debut as a couple:

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They’re red carpet official, bitches!