Heres This Weeks Best And Most Viral Tweets About Halloween 2021

A holiday as scary as Halloween shouldn’t be this funny, you know?


This tweet has an important warning for parents, LOL:

y’all make sure to check your kids candy this halloween. my son came home with lil nas x’s debut album “montero” in his lollipop

10:09 PM – 13 Oct 2021

Twitter: @mschunti


While this one made an undoubtedly dead-on prediction of what Halloween will be like this year:

Twitter: @Lfcqueen21


You’ve probably seen those red flag tweets blowing up on Twitter — here’s the Halloween one:

“i don’t really like halloween” 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

08:10 PM – 12 Oct 2021

Twitter: @VinMan17


As a parent who is guilty of trick-or-treating with a baby in the past, I have to admit this tweet is hilarious:

People get upset when teenagers trick or treat but the real problem are moms with infants. We know dang good and well Susan that lil Emery isn’t eating milk duds.

02:10 PM – 15 Oct 2021

Twitter: @southernsass81


This tweet is actually surprisingly inspiring:

If you ever feel like you missed your chance in life, just remember that Hocus Pocus, a Halloween movie, was released in July, no one saw it, and now 20 years later every drag queen is dressed like Bette Midler from Labor Day to Thanksgiving Eve. Your time is coming beloved 🖤

04:35 PM – 14 Oct 2021

Twitter: @oureric


And this tweet is too funny even if you’ve never been to Canada:

halloween hit different as a kid in canada, frozen half rotted pumpkins and a neon winter coat over our costumes what the hell were we even doing

01:51 PM – 11 Oct 2021

Twitter: @SvnSxty


People are tweeting about some of this year’s A+ decorations, like this super-scary one:

Going all out for Halloween 🎃 Wonder what the neighborhood thinks😱🙀😳🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

06:27 AM – 14 Oct 2021

Twitter: @kittyLuvsHorror


The last tweet called back to the greatest Halloween tweet ever; this one give props to the greatest pumpkin:

Twitter: @ThatEricAlper


Bow before the power of the pregnant on Halloween:

If you’re pregnant on Halloween, you basically are twice as powerful as everyone else because you have double the skeletons inside of you.

04:40 PM – 11 Oct 2021

Twitter: @justicearman


Extra points for convincing your 5-year-old to say this:

If anyone asks what your plans are for Halloween, look earnestly at the sky & say “reaching my final form.”

03:10 PM – 10 Oct 2021

Twitter: @DothTheDoth


Having seen some of those “spooky sex” tweets looking for tweets for this post, I second this wholeheartedly:

Twitter: @CrypticNoHoes


Show me you’re not secure in your sexuality without telling me:

when you need to make sure everyone knows your halloween decorations aren’t gay so you give the girl skeleton breasts

10:48 PM – 08 Oct 2021

Twitter: @mattxiv


And finally, this tweet throws it back to when Florence Pugh dressed up as her Midsommar character for Halloween, and — while I don’t know her — I gotta believe she is a lot of fun IRL after seeing this:

Twitter: @badpostpugh

If you find these tweets as great as I do, be sure to give their accounts a follow!

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