Heres Why Beyoncé And Jay-Z Are Being Criticized For The Use Of A Never-Before-Seen Basquiat Painting In A Tiffanys Ad

Who knew so many people were into high-class art? 😳

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are the faces of the new Tiffany & Co. “ABOUT LOVE” campaign launching on Sept. 2.

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Roc Nation

In the campaign the couple is featured in front of a never-before-seen painting from Jean-Michel Basquiat’s private collection called Equals Pi.

Patrick Mcmullan / Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

For the campaign, the painting has been reimagined in signature Tiffany Blue, and it was reportedly bought by Tiffany’s from a private seller

James Devaney / Getty Images

This campaign marks the first public appearance for the painting, and according to the release, it was included because art serves as a “common thread throughout the Carter’s love story.”

However, many critics have taken to social media to call out the couple for the use of the painting.

A different person was upset with the lavish flaunting of money.

insane to me that rich people can just buy art from artists who have passed and no one else gets to see it, kinda gross imo like these pieces should be able to be seen by everyone, thats literally what basquiat woulda wanted

05:28 AM – 23 Aug 2021

Twitter: @__lukec

“They been hiding a Basquiat for decades just to use it for a Tiffany’s ad?” someone asked.

they been hiding a basquiat for decades just to use it for a Tiffany’s ad?

05:32 AM – 23 Aug 2021

Twitter: @scbayscjohnson

It was the use of the painting in an advertisement for a different critic.

The fact that they showed off this never-before-seen piece of art from Jean-Michel Basquiat for an ADVERTISEMENT doesn’t sit well with my spirits…

05:48 AM – 23 Aug 2021

Twitter: @savion

This person remarked on the fact that art becomes a commodity so quickly these days.

everything truly does melt into branding…. lvmh buys stake in jays champagne, carters become brand ambassadors, and basquiat is set dressing for luxury

02:06 PM – 23 Aug 2021

Twitter: @justinkamp_

Although, not everyone is against the use, and this person shared their thoughts on how no one can speak on behalf of Basquiat.

Now everyone is suddenly a Basquiat enthusiast? “He wouldn’t want this” did he tell you this via oujia board?

06:03 AM – 23 Aug 2021

Twitter: @gardenoutro

Jay-Z has always been open about his love of Basquiat and his work, and even references the artist in multiple songs.

Plus, he currently owns a $4.5 million Basquiat, so the ad most likely meant no disrespect to the late painter. So there you have it.

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